THINK B3YOND- Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

The Killzone 2 demo was released today on the EU PS Store and for all the others who pre-ordered and got their code. See what Think b3yond likes and dislikes.

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this demo was awesome and made me loose 5% of my full hype of the retail game . it's true wat ppl say; once u take a taste of the cake, it never taste the same

Chapulin3393d ago

Just one more hit please......can't wait to get the full game and OD lol

BX813393d ago

The demo was ok. I wouldn't stand outside for a midnight release but it was pretty good! The visuals looked good the action going on around while you were outside was good. I just want to get a feel of the multiplayer. I'll pick it up on release date though. The only thing I didn't like is how slow you turned. This can obviously be fixed your self but other than that another great shooter in a long line. This game will sell a lot.

LeonSKennedy4Life3393d ago

Anyone else have the Helghast yell, "No! Please don't!" when you tried to shoot them? I've heard it a few times. They're actual people! They aren't just bad guys. They have souls, just like you. That's what makes a war...a war. You are fighting other people...not bad guys.

BadboyCivic3393d ago

just kid'n fanboys. its actually pretty good!

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