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TruthbeTold3599d ago

I have a feeling though that companies that have this attitude and whose "risk" consists of games like Chop til you drop are going to be pretty envious of Sega in a few months. Sega is going to kick major ass on the Wii this year.

Xander-RKoS3599d ago

Oh definitely.

That's what I didn't get with the canceling of Winter. There's a bandwagon that Sega is pretty much sharing with the guys who made No More Heroes, bandwagons were meant to be jumped on.

ChickeyCantor3599d ago

Because publisher don't believe in it, those asses forced he "family friendly" image on it while Nintendo stated they wanted the Wii to offer something for everyone.

Winter was basically canceled because publishers had no faith in it whatsoever.

Gr813599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I'm with Truth, I feel sega is going to be one of the few major companies able to weather this storm thanks to the Wii.

Smacktard3599d ago

A title that's going to be crappy, a title that NOBODY wants to buy, should not be a good indication of how Mature games do on the Wii.

Please don't use Dead Rising as an indication of this.

Product3599d ago

I love capcom franchises but come on.....this is coming from a company whose gonna release a bad port prolly ported by a couple guys and all their main focus and money is going towards a casual game for wii called Spyborgs.

Capcom you know what just remake all your old franchises in 2.5D and bring them to digital download........let Sega handle what you're afraid of.

Gr813598d ago

Capcom can suck an egg for all I care. They want to continually use "tests" like UC that sold well over a million, to RE4 a two yr old part that sold even better than UC. I mean what? Now they wanna dump this seemingly crappy game on the system and use THAT as proof that mature games don't sell on Wii? gimme a break you jackasses. But hey it's cool, there are consequences for ignoring the market leader, they are seeing that right now actually. 95% of their profits down from just a year ago. Lets see if they can hit the triple digits.

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