GamePlay Unlimited; Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

Killzone 2 is one of the most anticipated games for the Playstation 3 this year. In this article GamePlay Unlimited looks at the Pros, Cons, and the verdict of the Killzone 2 demo that launched on PSN today to let you know if the full game will be a hit or miss.

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Assesment. This game is wowing everybody. It should, it really is that good.

Timberland2K93598d ago

It will look better than this look at the video after the title screen
it will run at 1080i

ultimolu3598d ago

...*still in shock*

Sweet baby Jesus...that demo [email protected]@

inbfour3598d ago

That I have enjoyed it. Already have played it 10 times lol.

Bathyj3598d ago

Damn it.

Its Friday arvo, I knock off in one hour and I have to go drink at the pub with friends and flirt with TJ, the topless barmaid.

But all I really want to do is go home, lock my door, be antisocial and play Killzone.

cmrbe3598d ago

topless barmaid vs KZ2 demo. Umm..tough one there mate.

dalibor3598d ago

cmrbe yeah i can't wait for uncharted 2 also the first one was just loads of fun imo, not to mention gran turismo 5 if it comes out this year. I can't wait for k2, i seen some vids on youtube & i love the way the rpg fires the rocket, its so bad*ss looking, makes you want to fire one yourself at something in real life haha just to get that blood pumping & experiencing the thrill of it.

Ju3598d ago

BTW, What I found about UC2.


They also proved to us that the scene in the VGA trailer was indeed real time, showing us the scene again and moving the camera around inside and outside of the train in 3D space.


From a recent press event from Naughty Dog.

Anyway, KZ2 is now, UC2 is tomorrow.

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