NZGamer Game Of The Year 2008

NZGamer writes: "2008 was a massive year for gaming. We had great quality games throughout the entire year, and some very big names all competing to take out the exclusive NZGamer Game of the Year crown.

So, what games did we find the most enjoyable, and worthy of all the accolades? We've spent the last little while locked in a room - not to emerge until our awards were decided. It should be noted that our Game of the Year choices are a combined staff vote, and not necessarily by the score given in a particular review".

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TheColbertinator3274d ago

I have not purchased LittleBigPlanet.I guess its not my thing as I am not creative at all

Timberland2K93274d ago

the only thing is that the online lags but overall its a great game nothing that can't be fixed with a patch

Timberland2K93274d ago

Now Ratchet & Clank Future 2 With online please this year

Dragunov3274d ago

Maybe you must pick it at bargain price, even if you're not creative. There's much more than creating levels in LBP

OmarJA3274d ago

Greys of bore 1.5 fails again...

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