2009: The Year Of Vin Diesel? Will Vin Diesel make 2009 the year he surprises everyone again?


"Vin Diesel, the muscular, bald, gravely voiced actor who started his own video game studio Tigon in 2002, looks ready to make a mark on this year's video game-scape. His studio is involved in at least two Xbox 360/ PS3/ PC games that will be released this year which feature his likeness.

Will the new games match that quality and success, or will they fall short of current-gen standards? And even if they are great titles, with the big-name console exclusive games like Halo 3: ODST and Killzone 2 grabbing most of the attention right now, will they be commercial successes? In short, will Vin Diesel make 2009 the year he surprises everyone again?"

There are lots of videos of Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and The Wheelman in article.

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XboxOZ3603538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

I have a really solid feeling about The Chronicles, you get both games in the one package as well. And the Butchers Bay one is not just a re=texture either. It's a complete rebuild using their new advanced engine.

But I'm a bit worried about The Wheelman personally. Across between Burnout and NFS with some other stuff thrown in for good measure. Hmmmm not sure.

Might have a quick=play audience. But I'm not one of those types.

More into the Racing style - hence the New Racin page

Now the new CONSOLE NFS:Shift is another story.

as it is much more sim-like. The Wii and DS version (Nitro)are more arcade style. While the PC version is a mix I think.

The Wheel man is much more in tune with the casual derby style racer, which could mean it does well actually.

gaminoz3538d ago

I think it is more about action movie chase scenes and less about racing...not really a comparison. I think the action feel will be fun and different to the racing sims and street racers out there. And different from all the shooters!!!

I hope that Assault on Dark Athena has a lot more new about it than old, or the nostalgia of the Chronicles of Riddick game on Xbox may be diminished.

I think they'll both be good if people give them a chance.

Godem3538d ago

I just want them to finish the Riddick movies!

GrathiusXR3538d ago

Can't wait for the new Riddick game Assault on Dark Athena now that will be awesome!

Loved Escape from Butcher Bay one of the great Xbox games back in the day..

Can't seem to say much about the Wheelman game look mediocre to me at best...

Immortal Kaim3538d ago

Yeah Escape from Butcher Bay was awesome, can't wait for this remake and sequel.

gaminoz3538d ago

So let's say this remake is a goodie...what other remakes would you like to see??

My vote would be: Eternal Darkness. Imagine a next gen Eternal Darkness!!!!

Godem3538d ago

mmm I love eternal darkness!!!

But my vote is for a sequel rather than remake. That game is still very playable on the cube

darkmurder3538d ago

Hope so, this and Fast and Furios 4 will make for good times ahead.

leeeeed3538d ago

Never been a massive fan of Vin Diesel but am interested to see what he can come up with...

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