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Cwalat3448d ago

For once,

it feels kinda nice knowing that the EU update had more.

meepmoopmeep3448d ago

some nice stuff today.

Phantasy Star, HotShots and the Loco theme i'll get.

aceitman3448d ago

where the hell is qore for feb at i paid for a year and theres no qore and nothing about it nowhere

Sev3448d ago

Qore is coming next week.

xwabbit3448d ago

Ill just keep playing kill zone 2 :)

harv0523448d ago

So can someone confirm if the EU demo version of Killzone 2 is region locked?

smart_head3448d ago

I can confirm that it is not region locked. I downloaded the demo in NA and was able to play it.


harv0523448d ago

Thank you Mr. Smart! Bubble for you!

xwabbit3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

They r saying in the PS3 forums that the EU version was slower than the Gamestop one and that the controls r diff.

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jessehaysfl3448d ago

we need flower next week cant come fast enough.........

TheColbertinator3448d ago

I'll finally check out PSO without the damn Japanese letters.

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