SCRAWL: Killzone 2: Demo Impressions

SCRAWL's Sal writes: "A demo for Killzone 2 was released on the European PlayStation Store today so I logged onto my United Kingdom account and gave the preview a download. Weighing in at 1207 MB, the download took roughly four to five minutes to complete. After installation, I was greeted with a language selection. I selected English, adjusted my brightness, and immersed into the demo of Killzone 2. "

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Helghast Slayer3575d ago

Hmm in the KZ2 demo i shot a gas barrel, it swirled around on the ground, around the helghast cover, came flying back towards me and almost took myself out. That was amazing and i felt like OMG WTF just happened? KZ2 is simply EPIC beyond the word.

saf1007923575d ago

I wish it takes forever to download games and demos on my ps3 what ISP is he using?