Destructoid Preview: Deadly Creatures

A dark, dank environment appears before you. It seems like a small area, if only because the lack of light makes it difficult to see very far. But you hear a faint skittering off to one side, and then a brown mantis edges into view. The "camera" doesn't move to follow it; it's stationary, as if you're watching recorded footage, so all you see is the mantis crawling around. And then, in a flash, the insect is gone -- devoured by a gila monster; it now sits contentedly in front of you, licking its lips with its forked tongue.

This is the opening movie that plays behind the "press A" main menu of Rainbow Studios' Deadly Creatures. As you can imagine, the game like nothing else on the Wii -- or any other console, really, for that matter -- a creature combat adventure with an intriguing, overarching human storyline that takes place around the starring arachnids' micro-scale world.

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