House Of The Dead Devs:"The Wii is perfectly capable of generating great visuals"

"The Wii is perfectly capable of generating great visuals." says lead Artist Mark Slater in another one of Overkill's Making Of promotional trailers

You can see how good House Of The Dead Overkill looks in the new trailer and environment artist Paul Herbert believes that the game offers something different to anything we've experienced on the console: "I think we'll be able to show what the hardware can do for a change. A lot of the games so far have been very colourful, very cutesy - I've felt they've not particularly pushed the boundaries of the hardware."

More dev impressions after the jump.

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Chris3993597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Give her a kiss now boys. Pick a chin, any chin.

In all seriousness I think we'll start to see a lot more Arc Rise Fantasia (really can't stop talking about that game) and a lot less crap now that the Wii install base/ developer interest is growing.

P.S. I just watched the trailer on IGN, has a cool roadhouse/ retro horror vibe to it. Here's the link:

PS360WII3596d ago

Arc Rise Fantasia ^^

heck yeah!

There will always be games that are rushed or just not polished up but I think more have made the turn on making Wii games a little bit better.

TheColbertinator3597d ago

Technically its an arcade game so I don't think graphics are a concern.As long as its fun and lasts more than 4 hours,no problem

Product3597d ago

Sega's "big 3"(HotD,Conduit,Madworld) hopefully sell well so we can look forward to more core titles and or sequels.

TheColbertinator3597d ago

I'm already wagering Madworld on the Wii will get action game of the year if bayonetta doesn't arrive in 2009

Gue13597d ago

By now everybody knows from fact that this is a lie. This just proves that you can't even believe in the opinion of developers. What a shame...

Voiceofreason3596d ago

By now anyone who has read your posts knows you're a complete moron..

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The story is too old to be commented.