GamesRadar: Section 8 Preview

GamesRadar writes: "When people see another bunch of space marines, with yet another kind of cool helmet, there's every chance they'll turn away from Section 8. But that could be a mistake. Timegate Studios aren't trying to tell a clever story here – although there is a single-player campaign to train you up for the online action. Section 8 has been built around that multiplayer game".

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003453d ago

pretty interesting, hope they can pull it off.

cmrbe3453d ago

wasn't this the game that some people said was x360 exclusive?.

ftwps33453d ago

Yea it supposed to another "Timed" one

but they haven't really said anything definitive yet

rickybadman3453d ago

I think the rumor is that the PS3 version might be delayed so that the developers and make sure it is of the same standards as the PC and 360 versions. So it if that is the case the PS3 version will have extra content will have extra content too.