Metroid Prime's new play controls demonstrated in Japanese ads

Joystiq's thoughts/videos of Nintendo's new Japanese commercials for the New Play Control version of Metroid Prime pretty well answer the question of how the new controls work.

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Shnazzyone3571d ago

my most anticipated of the new play controls lineup. next to MP 2 and pikmen 2.

Product3571d ago

i might give it a shot.

kesvalk3571d ago

i hope it gets released on the US soon

i just love METROID!!!!

jtucker783571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

The first and best 3D Metroid IMHO.

That video brought back fond memories.
Metroid had amazing graphics for 2002.

AND that Boulder monster was NOT easy to beat. Turn into ball, roll, stand up, change weapon, change visor, change visor back, ball, etc.

Hopefully the Wiimote will make it easier. Swapping back and forth through the visors and weapons and ball mode was the killer and made you c0ck up.

Product3571d ago

i wonder what button will be used for the weapon switching.......if there were 2 things i didnt like in Prime 3 it was how easy it was and how you leveled up your gun.I liked it better when you could switch guns.

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The story is too old to be commented.