The Need For Speed: Slowing Down?

Gamerlimit writes: ""What comes up must come down". It is a phrase which is thrown around a lot these days, and for most of the time, it is definitely true. There is however, no such finer example than the well known Need For Speed franchise. From street racing to police pursuits and even dabbling in off-road racing, the series has progressed and changed its direction and theme over its almost decade and a half history, spanning 16 titles to date."

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Ziriux3454d ago

How many times are people going to spent their day on here and complain. Why are you reporting a legit article by a writer giving his point.

Speed-Racer3454d ago

Cause this guy basically rewrote (ripped) an article written a couple months ago about the same issue at hand.

Ziriux3454d ago

No he didn't you dumb broad, he wrote it a few months ago. It must have been re-added by mistake. I know for a fact he didn't take it from anyone.

I honestly never seen you actually make a post that is not a complaining one, what do you do just wait here all day to insult articles. Good one.

Speed-Racer3454d ago

Just deal with it..I know the author just used a previous article to write his...when i read it ... i was like...why is this guy copying the other one? anyway calling me a dumb broad isnt going to change anything here.