First Killzone 2 Glitch Discovered

Nextgamer writes: "After all that positive Killzone 2 violence we now worse news on Killzone 2. The demo is now available on PSN since today and there are people who have no life. A YouTuber called "emerio" has posted an glitch from the Killzone 2 demo. Remarkable as this will be the first glitch that we encounter in Killzone 2."

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Gerry Mark II3517d ago

At least the whole game isnt a glitchfest like Gears of War.

Liquid Snake3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Lol Casey Ryback.

Under Siege what a classic movie.

gaffyh3517d ago

It's quite crazy that this glitch is even possible. Most devs would have just put those areas (the guy was running on) as a background, so you literally couldn't interact with it. Just shows the quality of KZ2, even the areas you aren't supposed to go have been properly modelled!

tatsujin3517d ago

Bugs are much worse. Glitches are just glitches and can be patched. Wait till GG finds out on this, they'll patch it first. Woot!

el_bandito3517d ago

You can't have'em all right? Good thing we are on the next-gen console era, where almost anything can be fixed by patches.

outlawlife3517d ago

actually this is the most common way of doing things so don't go over the top with the killzone love

many many many games "properly" model background objects

good recent examples of this would be call of duty 4, and both gears of war games

terrandragon3517d ago

Lol, if you had 5 years to make a game like this, of course it wouldn't be a glitchfest like Gears.

Ghoul3517d ago

come on how pathetic is this ?

this is a DEMO !

rucky3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Funny how it's still a glitchfest despite already having a built-in engine.

CryofSilence3517d ago

Actually, I recall having fun doing something very similar to this, though not as complex, on Call of Duty 4. So, unfortunately, that part of your argument fails.

Ghoul3517d ago

hey terra

guess what gears had a devtime of 4-5 years too.

and now check THIS Unreal engine 4 is in development since

TADA 2004

now please get lost.

DaCandyman3517d ago

At least in this case when you walk off onto nothing but air, you die unlike COD:[email protected]

red5ive3517d ago

there's a glitch in the demo? fck this... i'm not getting it anymore.

cayal3517d ago

"Lol Casey Ryback.

Under Siege what a classic movie. "

Bubbles for knowing great movies.

As for the glitch, I saw one in a demo play where a Helghast went through the wall. Big deal.

Blaze9293517d ago

only thing good about that video was the song...

xwabbit3517d ago

Your not even suppose to go there so lol ? Y does it matter

actas1233517d ago

@the hater
The demo is part of the final game.

callahan093517d ago

I'm not too worried about so-called glitches that require you to go seriously out of your way, making tough jumps to get to places you're not even supposed to go in order to fall off an edge and die. Cool video, though. Demo was fun.

ChaoticWarfare3517d ago

"there's a glitch in the demo? fck this... i'm not getting it anymore." lol its ok if u dont have a ps3 just dont leave retarded comments like that u retard...

fanboi hater3517d ago

i was just thinking the same thing. I was more impressed than discouraged by the glitch as it is super impressive that all of that was fully rendered geometry that could be walked on instead of just some fake 2d picture.

Marceles3517d ago

lol..i seriously think red5ive was being sarcastic, that's what ps3 haters want us to say

qshooterp3517d ago

I played the demo for about 1 minute and that was one he'll of a minute then my ps3 bricked so it's going to be 2 to 6 weeks before I get it back no more killzone for me for a couple of weeks :(

acedoh3517d ago

now I find it funny some are trying to use this as a subject. If you know anything about demos then you know they are usually from an earlier developement time before everything is fixed.

Arnon3517d ago

This sort of thing was the main glitch within Halo 2. Half of the maps you could get out of and walk around and enjoy the scenery.

Sheddi3517d ago

I agree with u.
My thoughts were, what the hell is he doing there? Ive found glitches like that in many games and it hasn't bothered me at all.

red5ive3517d ago

i was being sarcastic. you cunt.

Jazz41083517d ago

And you know the complete game isnt glitchy how?

I love video games3517d ago

i haven't played the demo so i don't know if all that ledge jumping is needed but if its not and that guy isnt suppose to get there then the glitch is a good feature for buffoons like that and his ps3 should break

Karum3517d ago

None of the reviews mentioning it would be a good source of knowledge for such a claim.

jammy_703516d ago

and if its in the real game...who cares

pretty cool find though

jav09183516d ago

who cares if the game has a glitch.....all games have glitches I don't think anyone expected this game to be flawless nothing is perfect the game is amazing but stop trying to start the fanboy wars everyone expects glitches in games...

Horny3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Gotta love Bone Thugs N Harmony

Uni5 album coming summer 09, all 5 members

shovelbum3516d ago

Show me a MP game without glitches and then I'll be amazed. They are in the demo and they will be in the final product; it's just the nature of game design. People are very creative (used subjectively) when actively pursuing glitches to give themselves an added advantage and those on the development teams can't possible find them all during the design/testing process.

Drano3516d ago

Bubbles just for the name.

Jump Beyond.

JHUX3516d ago

They probably said to themselves "should we fix this?" "who the hells going to take the time to figure out all those jump? nah just leave it".

Proxy3516d ago

I personally consider a glitch to be something that comes up during normal game play. If you have to spend hours practising and training to achieve a "glitch" it's no longer a glitch, but an "exploit."

IcarusOne3516d ago

This cat seriously needs to get a life.

@Gerry Mark II: how is Gears a glitch fest? I've played the campaign three times and never encountered anything game-breaking. Yet another example of a Sony-phile having no clue what he's talking about.

ChaoticWarfare3516d ago

lol well put / sarcasm at the end because ur use of language did not make it seem like sarcasm at all

red5ive3516d ago

oh ok, sorry man.
let's hug.


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resistance1003517d ago

I would be interested to know how old the build is.

TheHater3517d ago

A friend of mine was tell me that is older than the beta they had. He stated that the graphics wasn't on par with the online beta, so I guess this is a very old build.

resistance1003517d ago

I would say they were about on Par with the beta, when i was in it.

Tempist3517d ago

Hey now, it's not a gilitch, it's an open world feature. See, Helgan is a very incomplete planet and they don't want the ISA to know that.

MechaGear3516d ago

Didn't you see that it is exaclty what we saw as playable demo ever since?

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xg-ei8ht3517d ago

Nice find, Nothing wrong with that.

Every game i've ever had, has some sort of glitch in it.

But this demo is not from the full game.

It's older.

So i'm sure most of the glitches will be fixed.

Daves3517d ago

He did go out of his way to find that, no reason to go up there whatsoever!