Star Ocean: The Last Hope; This year's overlooked RPG?

Gamer Limit writes "As spring begins to rear its beautiful, beautiful head, a new string of games prepares themselves for release towards the final half of the first quarter. With releases like Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5, Halo Wars, and Guitar Hero: Metallica, many titles will inevitably be overlooked. Titles that will offer closure; that will offer innovation; that will not be the afterbirth of Age of Empires (yes, I'm talking to you Halo Wars).

Fear not though, my young gaming padawans, for I am your guide amongst these highly anticipated beasts, and promise you will not get lost in the fray, nor will you be consumed by the hype being vomited out faster than Lindsay Lohan can binge and purge her last supper."

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Andrew Wiggin3398d ago

I definitely plan to give this a go

gaffyh3398d ago

Yeah me too, hopefully Square Enix finally has made a proper next-gen RPG for the 360 (cos The Last Remnant is not very good, even though i completed the game)

CryofSilence3398d ago

It's Tri-Ace who made this one (owned by Square Enix), so it should be good since they made all of the other ones.

pain777pas3398d ago

I'm still playing rogue galaxy not interested........YET!!!

Wife Of The Bad Guy3398d ago

Funny,the one game that has the most attention from the gaming press and gamers right now is the exact game you chose not to mention.

If Star Ocean is half as good as Killzone 2,I'll try it.

Immortal Kaim3398d ago

Seriously, you are comparing a JRPG to a FPS....

N4Garbage3398d ago

KZ2 may be overlooked.

Big names like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Halo, and Guitar Hero can cause anyone to overlook an exclusive that hasn't been marketed and is only exclusive to 1 platform.

Only us net users are in the know of KZ2 and truthfully not alot of people even know of the game including all of my co workers and classmates.

KZ2 is sort of like a new IP if you think about how it's previous games weren't smash hits. Unlike Resident Evil and Street Fighter it's going to take more than followers of the series for KZ2 to succeed.

Sony needs to market.

PooEgg3398d ago

Seriously, I am so tired of hearing fanboys ramble on about Killzone.

Killzone is not everyone's cup of tea, so it's good if your getting a game that you like, but don't expect the entire world to stand next to you waving pompoms. I'll take Star Ocean and Resident Evil over Killzone, thank you very much.

Ziriux3398d ago

Hmm, how dare you man.

laaakokaracha3398d ago

the game will sell big time!

it is an overlooked rpg. if this would had come out during christmas time there would be more hype about it.

I ll buy it on the first day!

I think it will last me easily until WKC comes out!

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The story is too old to be commented.