Open letter failed; Microsoft screws over students again

No longer are the days of "Home Basic", but "Home Premium" makes a comeback, along with another edition, "Professional". When buying a new laptop or computer, they'll most likely give you Home Premium as they always have done. Buying the Professional edition is an option, but it'll cost you a hell of a lot more and you'll have to go into a shop to buy it.

Either way, these two editions do not suit the needs of students fully.

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Kushan3538d ago

I don't think this is news at all. As a student, I get FREE Microsoft software - including all varients of XP Professional and Vista business, so no doubt Windows 7 professional will be in there. I don't know any students that don't have access to this.

vincentvegawchz3538d ago

And i can get all the free Microsoft OS's i want, but when it comes to Getting Office, NOOOOOOOOO 179 For student edition BULLCRAP, this isnt news this was expected

XxZxX3538d ago

If student pirate their windows, I don't blame them. They don't have stable income. so for student, pirate maybe your friends.

dxmnecro3538d ago

Absolutely none of those features is even needed. It is all useless fluff unless you are in IT or Computer Science. Useless article if you ask me.