News Roundup: Killzone 2 vs Halo Wars, Street Fighter IV Squeezing Pennies Out of Gamers

Today?s roundup is all 2s and 4s. Two demos battling for consumer mind share, two Battlefield games, and content for Street Fighter 4 and Left 4 Dead.

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cain1413448d ago

Both Killzone 2 and Halo Wars will be good games and sell well.

(How much do you want to bet both sides of N4G disagree with that statement)

JhawkFootball063448d ago

You heard it here first.
Halo Wars will outsell Killzone 2
Why? Cause it already has a larger fanbase

Ghoul3448d ago

halo wars will sell good yes

but as good as halo ? i reallllly doubt that since its not halo directly its a rts int he halo universe without the masterchief.

crillyconlig3448d ago

its an RTS, they never sell huge numbers, but this one will sell better than the average RTS, simply because of the name

Sayai jin3448d ago

How can anyone compare a shooter to and RTS?

jammy_703448d ago

killzone 2 will slorta halo wars

and no it doesnt have a larger fanbase bacause wars aint a fps while killzone 2 is so i think killzone tops it in quality (my miles) and sales

RPG Guy3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Killzone 2, Star Ocean, Halo Wars, great time for things to pick up! During my midterms...

....I will lose a bubble and get 10+ disagrees because

a) I mentioned Halo Wars and Star Ocean in a positive manner
b) I mentioned Killzone 2 and Halo Wars in the same sentence
c) I mentioned midterms....which always suck to have to write....


Mindboggle3445d ago

It doesnt matter if its an RTS, FPS, Racing or Barbie game. As long as its got the name Halo on it will millions.

It will also get the dumb gamers who just see the name and dont realise its not an FPS.

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grantps33448d ago

well i know one side disagrees. lol

killzone 2 and halo wars are uncomparable. for starters you should never compare a FPS and a RTS....they are too different.

also killzone 2 will sell more....

cain1413448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

I don't think I compared them at all beyond the fact they will be good games...

It makes your statement even more ironic that you in fact did attempt to compare RTS and FPS sales at the end of your post...

edgeofblade3445d ago

They are compared because they both compete for the same $60. They are both games.

And Halo might make RTS fans out of people who normally play FPS. This is the first real test for the Halo brand outside of FPS, and I'm anxious to see how it plays out.

NeverforgetNES3448d ago

Halo Wars......Killzone 2.....Street Fighter 4. This article has it all.

ftwps33448d ago

Ahh... yes it does my friend yes it does

A FPS a RTS and a fighter

loving it!!!!

SirLarr3448d ago

I'm not convinced Killzone 2 will sell more, given how relatively poorly all the PS3 killer apps have sold so far. I don't think LPB or Resistance 2 broke the top 10 for very long.

Regardless, I expect Halo Wars will fade to obscurity. Halo fans like shooters. RTS games are much less tactile, and much less immediately satisfying. Plus it's hard to think when you're shotgunning a beer and putting on a backwards visor.

thebudgetgamer3448d ago

do hardcore halo fans even like rts games?


cain1413448d ago

I like RTS games and Halo

ftwps33448d ago

No they probably don't like rts games
but they do like halo games.

and while a man may not like pretzels but love chocolate, he may dare to try a chocolate covered pretzel and enjoy it.

thebudgetgamer3448d ago

im not saying its impossible but i think you are in the minority


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Wife Of The Bad Guy3448d ago

I played the Halo Wars demo,pretty good for a console RTS.

Nowhere near Killzone 2 in terms of polish and excitement,but I can see myself buying HW when the inevitable game drought hits

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