Open Fire Gold Now Available

IMG writes: "BlueGill Studios has announced the release of Open Fire Gold, a remake of its miltary shoot-'em-up arcade game released in 2006. Written from the ground up with all new code, art and music the game challenges players to blast as many enemy vehicles as possible. Open Fire Gold features two gameplay modes, new power-ups, weapons, and online high scores.

Get ready to load your weapons and open fire again! BlueGill Studios first in-house game is Open Fire Gold, an arcade-like military shoot-'em-up, that will have you uncontrollably wasting hours of precious time.
Open Fire Gold features two different game modes, seamless, integrated real-time global online scoring, an explosion meter, and an amazing realistic arcade gameplay backed by the Ageia physics engine. Open Fire Gold shoves you in the shoes of a lone operative armed to the teeth with explosive rocket rounds and a handful of land mines!
Unload your weapon and riddle your screen with pockmarked scars of battle, because it's time to play Open Fire Gold!"

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