Street Fighter IV:Alternate Costume Screenshots (PS3, Xbox 360)

Capcom drops the long anticipated next installment of the Street Fighter series next week. Street Fighter IV hits gamers hands Febuary 14th, 2009. The game sports 3D graphics but maintains the standard 2D gameplay. For a complete feature list of Street Fighter IV you can check out it's wiki. Here is a collection of screenshots of alternate costumes for the Street Fighter IV characters, to tide you over until the game drops in 9 days and counting.

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Ninja-Sama3390d ago

LOL out of those only about two look like decent alternates. Keep your premium dlc Capcom...especially since you shouldn't have even charged for it in the first place.

panasonic233390d ago

wtf is this sh!t damn chun li look hot but still not $4 worthy.

IdleLeeSiuLung3390d ago

Looks interresting, but clothing should be dirt cheap since it is extremely easy to fix it. Although Fei Long as me looks awesome!!! Still prefer Chun Li though... what male doesn't?

Swiftfox3390d ago

A handful of characters haven't been shown yet, I do hope they impress. I will also agree that this first wave of alt. outfits should have been unlockable in game.