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"In this world there are ninja games and there are ninja games. If you prefer those of the "bull in a china shop" variety, well, you know where to go for that. Everyone loves the idea of being an icy assassin lurking in the shadows, but so few of the most popular ninja videogames -- Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, Strider -- actually ever exalt those very virtues. So if your idea of a ninja game errs on the side of stealth and sneakery, then Tenchu is most likely your franchise of choice. And the latest iteration in the series, Shadow Assassins (developed by Tenchu's original creator, Acquire), does an admirable job of bringing players back to ninja school."

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panasonic233597d ago

i'm buying this game nice review

callahan093597d ago

This is the first Tenchu game to get pretty good/decent reviews since Tenchu 2 way back on the PSone. I'm a Tenchu fan since before the first Tenchu came out (I acquired a demo and loved it, bought the game the day it came out), and I have a Wii that I haven't played much in the past year except Okami and No More Heroes (not a Smash Bros. Fan because I've always been terrible at those games, the games are good, and fun and all, but I never buy them, I just play them when I go to a friend's that has it; haven't picked up Mario Kart yet, but will eventually [maybe, actually]; haven't gotten Boom Blox or DeBlob yet, but both look like my kind of game) ... anyway, this Tenchu game could be a good time on my Wii. Also thinking about supporting Sega and their new venture of releasing decent & good games by buying Samba De Amigo and the new House of the Dead Overkill.

But really, when it comes to the Wii, I can't wait for Murumasa the Demon Blade! (sorry if I got the title wrong, but I'm referring to the game by VanillaWare). That game is going to be the best!

Obama3597d ago

Tenchu games are just never the same after Tenchu 2 - the best of the series. This one looks alright but I am not interested in it. Not like I have a wii anyways.

Shnazzyone3597d ago

but i thought there was a story about obama playing wii last week.

Obama3597d ago

Don't trust the media; they are trying to smear me as a wii player.

LeShin3597d ago

I personally think that Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven on the PS2 was the best Tenchu game ever! Man, I need my Tenchu fix!

Maybe it's time to invest in a Wii.......oh $hit. :)

FinalomegaS3597d ago

same old rhetoric I hear from you, make a change as you say.

You claim part 2 was the best yet you haven't played this one (yet). You must know someone that has a wii, rent the game =/

Bring be back to Ninja school any day!

FinalomegaS3597d ago

As far as we know, thanks to the media we are up in your business more than you even know. Yes Michelle does wear that cute string a night ;)

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KidMakeshift3597d ago

I still would have preferred a next-gen sequel to Tenchu Z

I really enjoyed customizing my character

FinalomegaS3597d ago

you need a next gen system to have "customizing my character"?

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mastiffchild3597d ago

My mate has an import of the Jap version and we don't find it that unforgiving. It's a game totally based around not being caught or even detected and, though some of the controls need work to get right,we felt that if you got caught that redoing the missions was fair enough and it's not like each one's a saga anyway.

I think it's paobably the best Tenchu in a while even with a few quirks-I'll be getting it when it comes out over here.

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