Aion lore chapter 6: The aftermath

The Epic Cataclysm had just occurred and the people of Atreia find themselves recovering in the aftermath of the tower's collapse. How will they cope in this strange new version of their world? In true Aion style, the story of the cataclysm is told through the lens of both the Asmodians of upper Atreia and the Elyos of lower Atreia. This latest chapter of each viewpoint, Chapter VI, showcases the events directly following the tower's collapse and the 750 year period of evolution afterwards.

If you have no idea what the previous paragraph means, then it's about time you read the entire story of Aion's lore. Told from two opposing perspectives, the story is currently at six chapters for each. They both tell abut the circumstances and events leading up to the Aion world that we will know when the game launches.

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