When Will Netflix Start Renting Games?

It's official. There's a good deal of overlap between Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) subscribers and diehard gamers.

The DVD rental giant and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) issued a press release this morning praising the initial success of Netflix's digital streaming through Xbox 360 systems.

More than a million Xbox LIVE Gold members have downloaded and activated the Netflix application, allowing Netflix subscribers to stream a growing library of 12,000 titles at no additional cost through their Xbox consoles.

Since launching the application in November, Xbox LIVE users have watched 1.5 billion minutes of movies and television shows from the Netflix streaming catalog.

Wow, right?

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3449d ago

Only 300,000 new Netflix members have emerged from XBL,meaning that out of 28 Million Xbox 360 consoles shipped,only 300,000 people bothered to sign up with Netflix.

The "Mission Accomplished" Banner won't be coming out anytime this gen.

outlawlife3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

but yet you forget to factor in the amount of users that previously had netflix memberships that simply activated it on their 360

300,000 is very good for a service that basically took nothing to offer

all they did was take existing set top box functionality and write an app for it on 360

you act like 300,000 is a small number, for a monthly service like netflix that is quite a large chunk of revenue, especially considering all of the infrastructure was already in place

take off the blinders and think realistically for once instead of terms of what you prefer

i also want to know where you got the 300,000 number because it isn't even in the article anywhere, pulling a phantom number out of nowhere that actually benefits the arguments against you is the definition of failure

Ninja Viking3449d ago

Oh the ignorance of a PS3 fanboy. Netflix is only available to US residents.

360 man3449d ago

wife of the bad guy = self ownge

thats_just_prime3449d ago

If they could rent games and allow you to download a game to the harddrive I bet they got a another big boost. They already know that pver 1/10 of there use own a 360.

Oh and btw There are roughly 16m 360 owners in the us and 1m of them are using netflix on their 360 I'd say thats a a really good number.

JaggedSac3449d ago

Very, very, good to hear. I stream stuff almost everyday. Not today though, because Halo Wars dropped.

NaiNaiNai3449d ago

i could see them doing games, would be nice, cause gameply cost to bloody much. but i don't see them doing them for download. >.> god alot of people would be pissed with a 6.8GB *max* download

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