Projectors: The Future of Big Time Gaming

PriestBeast writes, "First and foremost, go for a DLP projector. They offer superior image quality in terms of both picture quality and contrast ratio. You will pay for it up front though, with most DLP projectors costing a lot more than their counterparts. This arises from the fact that DLP chips contain up to 2 million micromirrors that are less than 1/5th the width of a human hair in size, and all individually hinged. Images are built by passing light through a color wheel and then on to these mirrors which can be hinged to an on or off position. With this ability, DLP projectors can create around 16.7 million different colors, and thats just for a home or office projector. Cinema DLP projectors can create far more than that..."

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CrAppleton3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Yeah.. projectors rock!

bgrundman3453d ago

and they are a hell of alot cheaper then the TVs too!

CrAppleton3453d ago

Seriously? I figured they would be more expensive

killyourfm3453d ago

I thought they were ridiculously expensive...totally eye opening article. Wonder if these newer models will catch on?

Monkey5213453d ago

I have a 720p Mitsubishi Projector, got it for $900. I built a 10 ft x 5.7 ft screen. It is absolutely clear and beautiful. I would highly recommend investing in it if you have the space.

OOG3453d ago

price can catch up to you when some of them have bulbs that cost upwards of $300....and thats only after 4-5000 hours

Silverman3453d ago

This guy borrowed a projector a few days ago, and now is pretending to be an expert.

deeznuts3453d ago

OOG, think about what you just said. 4-5,000 hours. I doubt they last that long, but assuming they do, if you can game 4 hours a day every single day, it would last you a couple years.

I've had a Mitsu HD1000u in my room with a 97" screen for a few years now. Works great. But I had to buy a 52" TV because I got dizzy playing FPS on the projector. It was just too big. I use both.

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bgrundman3453d ago

I think that this could be the wave of the future in gaming.

CrAppleton3453d ago

I'm curious how well it will fair going main stream

JimmyJames703453d ago

Very strong potential here.

CrAppleton3453d ago

I'd like to see more.. but I imagine it will cost an arm and a leg to set your house up with this tech

bgrundman3453d ago

This really could be the wave of the future. It is exciting to see.

bgrundman3453d ago

I have had the chance to use one of the HD DLP monitors with my Xbox 360 and it has never looked better. I didn't expect to like it, but it looked great.

dukadork23453d ago


i'm playing kz2 demo on a 110' screen with this projector: simply AMAZING!

bgrundman3453d ago

I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

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