Give Vista a Windows 7 Makeover

PC World writes, "Let's be realistic: Windows 7 is pretty much going to be like Windows Vista with a fresh coat of UI paint and a few needed bug fixes. Granted, some of the new interface tweaks are pretty slick, which is why software developers have already started cranking out copycat tweaks for Windows Vista (and, in some cases, XP). If you don't feel like waiting until the end of 2009, you can trick out your current version of Windows to look and act much like Microsoft's lucky 7.

(Note: Some of the homebrew utilities mentioned below are unsupported and/or still in their beta-testing stage. I've used them all successfully, but proceed at your own risk.)"

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Gue13598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

You don't need to download anything, Vista already has that... Just click the "Enable desktop composition" box on "Performance Option" and all set.

gamfreak3597d ago

Micros*it, i'm getting a MAC....!!!!!!!!