BioShock gets street date - August 21st

The headline says it all: BioShock's street date is August 21st. That's a Tuesday, for all you who might be planning your "sick" days in advance.

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miasma4310d ago

i am feeling a cough coming on right now as a matter of fact...

Gamer134310d ago

But ill get it on its release date.

Icryo4310d ago

This game sounds REALLY exciting
This and Mass Effect are definately my most anticipated games of this year! August though? Usually a quiet month. Don't usually play alot of games during the summer, but this year will be an exception...

nicodemus4310d ago


That is just miserable. For some reason, I thought it was coming out much sooner...

Oh well, there should be plenty of other good ones coming out inbetween now and then, so it shouldn't be too bad.

PS360PCROCKS4310d ago

wow was in gamespot yesterday and they told me June 1st...guess they delayed it just a tad...August is a ways away, dang, oh well, more time for Mass Effect, Forza etc...

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