Saw video game picked up by Konami

"Saw," one of the highest profile games left orphaned when Brash Entertainment went out of business, has been picked up by Konami.

Sources close to the project have confirmed that Konami has made a deal with Lionsgate, to whom the rights reverted when Brash breached its contract, and developer Zombie Studios. The game will come out this fall along with the sixth "Saw" film (I almost wrote "Saw VI," but that series is getting so long in the tooth I'm wondering if they'll take a cue from the seventh "Star Trek" movie and just drop the numbers).

Konami is an obvious choice to pick up "Saw," since it has experience selling horror with a little franchise called "Silent Hill." But the game almost took a very intriguing twist: no publisher at all.

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MisterNiwa3393d ago

That black corridor just got a little bit brighter!

hippo243393d ago

or a lot darker, scarier, and with psychological horrors appearing out of walls

MGOelite3393d ago

wow we might get a game worth renting now instead of stright to bargin bin, put some MGS4 magic in there and it should be great

Xandet3393d ago

It's not like Kojima Productions is taking over the project.. Konami is just publishing the game now, not developing it. Zombie Studios was and will remain the team making the game. That said, they ARE a top-notch team just based on their past games:

Believe me, I want a well-made horror torture game as much as the next guy, but don't get your hopes up on this one. I already made that mistake with the last three SAW movies..

Magna Farta3393d ago

I can see this becoming a somewhat playable game now. Thankfully Brash went under, considering their other games included the likes of Alvin and the Chipmunks shovelware for the Wii.

I personally think Saw has overstayed it's welcome in pretty much any format, but at least we know there's only gonna be one more movie, and who knows, maybe the game won't be so bad, but I can hardly see it becoming more than puzzle/torture series of mini-games that involve you getting out of a contraption in no more than 3 pieces.

OGharryjoysticks3393d ago

Lionsgate releases a complete Bluray Saw collection of all the films in one package with BD-Live support and a killer box.

borgome3393d ago

Video game based on movie = FAIL

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The story is too old to be commented.