Dell XPS 625: PC gaming on the cheap

Globe and Mail game columnist writes: "As a game journalist, I love getting to evaluate high-end, bleeding-edge rigs like the HP BlackBird 002, the Alienware Area-51 m15x, and the Dell XPS 730 H2C. It's the geek equivalent of taking a half-million dollar sports car for a test drive. That said, when the drive is over I have to remind myself that I'm still one of the little people stuck choosing between the Kias and Mazdas of the PC hardware world.

Which is why it makes me so happy to see a machine like the Dell XPS 625, an awesome little gaming rig that delivers both style and performance for just over a thousand bucks by eschewing frivolities such as liquid cooling systems, Blu-ray drives, and tool-less design in favour of the three pillars of gaming performance: processor, graphics, and memory.

Well, sort of. The tower's core components aren't exactly breathtaking, but they're powerful enough to let you run any game around on either medium or high graphics settings and at a decent resolution..."

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