30° phase 2 is live!

From source: Hello SOCOM fans!

Welcome to the new! We have begun phase 2.0 for the site with new added features, our own forums and the SOCOM blog.

You will also find the My SOCOM pages which are in the Beta stages right now. These allow you to view your stats, manage your clan, recruit for your clan, list yourself as a free agent, view the leader boards and much more. Check it out!

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chasegamez23538d ago

im over socom now
i just dont care about the game no more

mugoldeneagle033538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

It was crap in October when it launched, it's decent now - and in a few months time the game will be good, possibly great. It all depends on how hard Slant Six is pushing out additional maps and features.

Think of it in comparisson to the Playstation 3 when it first launched. I was a launch owner and if you compare the system now to when it first hit the market, it's completely different.

Socom, like the PlayStation 3, will evolve and get better with time. Plus it's gameplay is the perfect compliment to Killzone 2 IMO.

Btw, why is Sony and these developers pushing towards Site-specific forums? As a long time member of PSU it's kind of sad to see them splitting up the forum's. First LittleBigPlanet, now Socom?

P.S. The Killzone 2 Demo, albeit short, is amazing (I wasn't in the Beta). I suggest creating a UK account just to try it out. Takes 5 minutes tops :)

NobleRed3538d ago

I'm finished with this crap game too. I still don't get it why everyone gets negative feedback if he says how bad this game is. Hello?
I'm a big Socom Fan. I've played Socom 1/2/3 nights and days long.

They had better made a Socom 2 remake in Hd graphics. Socom Confrontation sucks. Compare Confrontation with Socom 2 and what do you get?

* Less Weapons
* Less Maps
* Less grenade damage
* Unbeliveable long reloading
* Sprint option which nobody wanted
* Body armour which nobody wanted
* A bad HD Remake of Crossroads(Socom 2 layout is a lot better)
* Horrible Loading Times
* Tearing
* No text Chat in the lobby
* You can't write you own taunts
* Circumstantial Log In
* Black Screen when you start a round

Podrobski3538d ago

when the fcuk is it comin to europe?

Chubear3538d ago

The site is SICK! just simply SICK! WOOOOOT! can't wait for SOCOM HOME Space. I see 14,000 gamers in NA are playing this at 12midnight. Sweet but I thought people kept saying it's so broken no one plays the game? O.o

14,000 on a week night at night for NA alone is a hell of a lot of people I'd say. Don't think it'll be hard at all to find a game when ever I want.