Joystiq: Review: Burnout Paradise Party, Criterion's first 'premium' DLC

Joystiq: Many gamers are incredibly grateful for Criterion's exceptional handling of DLC for Burnout Paradise. Over the course of the last year, Criterion has added a day/night system to its game, new online multiplayer modes, and motorcycles -- all for the price of nothing. However, it looks like the free ride is over, and today's update marks the first "premium" downloadable content for the game. The Party pack adds a new offline multiplayer experience to the game, but is it worth it?

Unfortunately, we'd say no. At $9.99 (800), the Party pack is not a very cheap add-on (it's half the price of the full game!). At such a steep price, we'd expect a bit more than a simple retooling of menus. There's no added content in the Party pack: you will not see any new parts of Paradise City, nor will you unlock any new vehicles. The challenges featured in the Party pack are, quite frankly, not very different from what's already available in Online Freeburn.

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