Ars Review: Hour of Heroes brings WW2 to iPhone in style

Ars writes: "Bringing 3D games to the Apple's touch-oriented platform is still pretty rare, but Gameloft is doing its best to be the first game developer exclusively associated with the genre. Not only that, but the company is working to put out quality action titles for the App store. Previously, we were taken to Ancient Greece with Hero of Sparta; this time, we're liberating WW2 Europe from the Nazis in Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes.

The game tells the story of soldiers in the 101st Airborne as they fight their way through a total of thirteen missions across the regions of Normandy, Ardennes, and Tunisia. The story here is pretty basic, not much more than "go here, shoot these guys," but most players don't really need much of a plot when they're taking on Axis forces across Europe."

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