Evil Avatar: Magic Ball Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Its hard not to get a bit nostalgic when playing Magic Ball. The basic gameplay harkens back to Breakout for the Atari, then Arkanoid in the arcades (and on Nintendo). It is effectively the next iteration in that formula. You take control of a paddle at the bottom of the screen and bounce a ball at wall full of stuff to destroy. If you miss the ball on its way down with your paddle, you lose a life. Lose them all and its game over. The primary addition here though is that instead of just busting down an inanimate set of bricks, you lay siege to a three dimensional scene that moves, falls, and crumbles as you decimate it with your magic soccer ball."

The Good:

* Vibrant, attractive destructable environments
* A nice evolution in the brick-breaking formula
* Fun and action packed

The Bad:

* Three hours and you're done
* Too easy and forgiving
* Not enough visual variety in the two themes

The Ugly:

* The Crazy Ball powerup

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