Don't Forsake These Java Apps, Linux Users

Intranetjournal: Over the years, the value of Java has been replaced by more emphasis on Flash and Ajax on the web front. But what about Linux users who need applications that can deal with changes in the back-end to desktop environments, amongst other changes? I happen to believe that to some extent, Java can be a really beneficial thing to consider for the desktop. Here are my favorite Java apps in no uncertain order.


For Linux users, there is something to be said about using Linux on a PS3. What can I say, Sony really makes it easy to implement with their hardware. But taking things even further is the ability to simply stream video content onto a PS3 via a Windows/OSX/Linux media server. Thanks to the magic of Java, this can be done without a myriad of annoying compatibility problems as we go from platform to platform, which makes using the ps3mediaserver as whole lot more practical than other alternatives.

Useful features include:
* Play just about any sort of media without worrying about dealing with specific codecs.
* Real-time transcoding using Mencorder, AVISmith and of course, tsMuxer.
* The ability to play DVD ISOs.
* Fairly straight forward UI to work from.
* Cross platform support for Windows, Linux and OS X.

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