Evil Avatar: Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Chances are that you've played Mahjong at some point, so the concept should be familiar to most. However, if you're one of those that just doesn't play puzzle games here's a quick overview. Mahjong is a tile based puzzle game where you are given a set of tiles on a single board and tasked with clearing them off by matching two pieces together. Most tiles will only match with their twin, however there are two types of tiles that clear because they are both types of flowers or seasons. Its an effective and relaxing time waster."

The Good:

* Plenty of Mahjong to go around
* Motion mode throws a cool action twist to matching tiles
* Its Mahjong

The Bad:

* Controls are a bit frustrating
* No one is playing online
* Very vanilla visuals

The Ugly:

* You could mute your TV and it wouldn't take away from the experience

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