Examiner article: the Mjoave Joke

The Minneapolis PC Games Examiner writes:

'"No! People like Vista! They just can't know that it's Vista!"

Everyone has seen those Mac commercials with Justin Long where he talks about Microsoft spending money on advertising rather than on fixing Vista's problems. People laugh, because they don't take it seriously.

They should.

Microsoft decided that because of Vista's at best lukewarm reception, it was going to hold a "blind taste-test" style study to see if people really hated Vista, or they just believed hype and had preconceptions. After conducting this study, run and designed by Microsoft, they concluded that users changed their initial views on Vista after a 10-minute demonstration. Initial ratings of Vista averaged around 4.1, while user ratings (so claims Microsoft) of Mojave ran as high as 8.0. Clearly, Vista is a good product, right?

No. It's not.'

The writer attempts to debunk a lot of the remaining hoopla surrounding Vista, the Mojave Experiment, and Microsoft's press releases concerning both. His sources are confirmed by at least two separate sites, though the article is a healthy chunk of opinion as well. His conclusions are still strongly supported by logic and reasoning; saying that features packaged with Vista are a feature of the OS, like he says, is a fallacy. For anyone who thought the Mojave Experiment could be viewed legitimately, this article is a must-read.

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