The EvilCast NewsBrief: Episode #10

The Cast of Evil writes:

"Join the EvilCast for the milestone that is Episode #10. We'll be looking at company takeovers and even more axing employment. However there is a spot of light in all of this turmoil, some may have a second chance, and those left standing will be part of many great games on the horizon.

PLUS: Did Blake just coin the phrase 'Wii-Wanking?'"

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JimmyJames703603d ago

I don't think I want to know what Wii-wanking is...

bgrundman3603d ago

If you have ever seen anyone play on the Wii, then you would be familiar!

CrAppleton3603d ago

LMAO.. Come on guys.. Blake Wii-Wanks all the time.. =D

ammonator3603d ago

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

roblef3603d ago

I think this may be the best EvilCast so far. Great stuff!

bgrundman3603d ago

It is getting better over time, like a fine wine.

CrAppleton3603d ago

I hope it keeps going that way!

CrAppleton3603d ago

What could these guys do next?