Video: Revealing the technology of invisibility

If your superpower of choice would be to make things disappear, you may be surprised to see how close researchers are to making it come true.

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Lord Anubis3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I read about this one several years ago when they had first made the breakthrough with the technology. THey called it the harry potter blanket or something along those lines.

People joked that you would be able to get into female bathrooms with technology but the main development was to cover war planes and tanks with it.

mirroredderorrim3599d ago

I too have been following this.. scary times, when this thing is actually perfected.

miasma3599d ago

I just mentioned this as a joke on that article yesterday on N4G: "what color should the PS4 be?" I said it should have a cloaking outer shell (like the predator) so it just blends in with the decor.