Blorge: Killzone 2 demo on PSN - Impressions

Blorge: The Kilzone 2 demo, most people's first chance to see what all of the very extensive fuss is about, has been released. Does it sell the game well? Does the game live up to the hype? Is this the game the PS3 has been waiting for?

At around 4pm today, the long-awaited and massively over hyped Killzone 2 demo arrived on the Playstation Network as a 1200Mb download from the Playstation Store. Unfortunately, due to a tacky and bizarre deal with GameStop, Americans who haven't pre-ordered the game are going to have to wait a little longer to sample Killzone 2. Europe FTW!

Killzone 2 could be a system seller, especially if word of mouth reviews are positive and the PS3 gets a price cut in the near future. I'll be buying the game on the strength of the demo but let's not forget that this is still just a first-person shooter and won't appeal to everyone. It's not a perfect game that everyone will want to own but on the strength of the demo, I think the 9 to 9.5 out of 10 reviews have it spot on.

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Marcello3331d ago

I thought the demo was short but very very sweet, this game really is kickass. I especially liked the guns they have a beefy sound & feel to them that Black had, when the demo was over i was like nnnnoooooo i want more :P

andyo133331d ago

thanks for stealing the servers. Now its struggling to make download progress for the people who were meant to get it first. Seems like america was the first to get it AGAIN. God dam you and you fat epidemic

plstcsldgr3331d ago

You do know that if US gamers pre-ordered the game we got to download it from our own servers.

beavis4play3331d ago

i know i pre-ordered the game from gamestop a year ago. and they've handed out demo codes based on pre-ordering. and that was waaaay before the european demo was announced.

andyo133331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Theyre notdoing that obviously as our servers are at a record slow. And i meant being the first to be able to download without buying it first.

Drano3331d ago

Man, as soon as I saw the first post mentionning the release of the Demo on the European Store, I made a new E-Mail account and PSN Account in record time to download it before the server overload.

Still took quite some time, though.

Jump Beyond.

voice_of_ reason3331d ago

America takes action and Europe complains about it... just how it works in international relations. I'm joking of course. But please, your hate for Americans should be displayed elsewhere (trust me there's plenty of websites dedicated to hating America) ...this is a gaming website, so stick to the topic, of you know... games!

staub913331d ago

I think your posts are a load of rubbish.

LOL sorry I had too.

I love all the countries not just my own.

TheBand1t3331d ago

Oh shut the hell up, andyo. Like Europeans DON'T have an American PSN account to get things they otherwise wouldn't have

BAAAAWWW some more!

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Moe_OwnZ3331d ago



i;ve played it like 5 times now... and slow analyzed it.... and its BRILLIANT

oneinall1413331d ago

Humm the demo is just the same to me like any other shouter u gun fight move on gun fight more move on its the same to me like any other shouter the look of the game did not do noting for me to get excited.

spandexxking3331d ago

maybe shooters arent for you?

HighDefinition3331d ago

What`s great about it, is all the different things that happen everytime you play it.

Kushan3331d ago

I have to agree, the demo didn't do much for me either, I didn't see anything new or particularly "revolutionary" in there, it just seemed like a bog standard FPS with really nice visuals and unfortunately, visuals alone don't sell a game for me.
It's still on my preorder list, but I have to say the demo was a little disappointing. Maybe it was just too short for my liking.

TheBlackSmoke3331d ago

I was for the most part impressed. I had to tweak around with the control settings for a bit to feel comfortable. I went with control setting alternate 2 which is essentially COD4 layout and then i jacked up the sensitivity to counterbalance the floaty-ness. After a few play throughs i got a good feel for the aiming so overall im pleased with the controls.

Some things that bugged me a little were the revival mechanic which to be honest looks and feels like it doesn't belong in the game, its just way too awkward. Also i dont like holding down the cover button rather i would prefer to just tap it to toggle in and out of cover, because to shoot from cover you need to hold the cover button, hold the stick to lean out hold the aim button and then press the shoot button all at the same time. Oh and i think the melee attack is a bit sh#tty and again feels kinda floaty in contrast to COD4s which is very accurate and fast.

The demo level itself was a bit underwhelming, probably because i saw it in videos many times before. definitely not the best example of the games graphics but still it craps all over any other console fps.
The helghast inside the warehouse displayed some smart AI, flanking me and pressuring me to move with grenades. They used cover well and it forced me to sit back and be more strategical rather than rambo my way through.

Absolutely LOVED the weapon models/weapon sounds and the reload animations are just amazing. The explosions and lighting really stood out and added to the atmosphere greatly.

Overall KZ2 demos really well. Controls are probably the biggest obstacle to get over but to be honest its not such a big deal and you can get used it fairly quick. Its now justifed my pre-order and i cant wait to see whats to come next.

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HDgamer3331d ago

The article must've been written earlier and never checked it out.

Blackcanary3331d ago

woohoooooooooooo i'm to be ha;lf demo killzoned.

fossilfern3331d ago

I wish i could download it fs left it for 3 hours and it was only 51% with a 93% signal and normal it would take under an hour for a 1gb or so game to download :(

andyo133331d ago

Thanks to all the greedy people who are like little children that want everything now now now instead of waiting for their turn they gotta make fake accounts and cheat the system

MerkinMax3331d ago

I have a code and it doesn't even work. Would have never made an EU account if it wasn't for my code not working. Downloaded already BTW and it is glorious!

Andras843331d ago

You are an idiot.

First off I got a code from GameStop that let's me download the Killzone 2 demo. I was meant to get it now that's why they gave out the damn codes to us who preordered it. If GameStop didn't have that deal than EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN would have had acces to the demo today. So insted of hateing on American's for no reason what so ever you should be thanking them for doing this. Because if that American company (GameStop) didn't have that deal than your servers would have blown up.

Also I'm an European who lives in America...who are you to say that I can't have an European and American account at the same time? It's not illegal. Guess what...I have a Japanese account as well.

And just for your information the Demo is also on the Japanese PS store for FREE.

So relax yourself!

Ju3331d ago

@andyo, well, you are going a little overboard here. I mean, you take the easy route, don't you think ? Maybe you guys just have some bandwidth troubles over there. Also, US downloads might go thru a proxy hence the better bandwidth, if it would be the server with a direct connect, US downloads would also be slow. Stop being a jerk. BTW: I am also European living in the US, and I have my two accounts.

callahan093331d ago

Well, I live on the East Coast of the USA and I had it downloaded and installed in less than 30 minutes. Played it. It's great.

Kushan3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

andyo13, how come it's America's fault for wanting to download a demo of the most anticipated PS3 game...probably ever, yet it's not Sony's fault for not having enough bandwidth to cope from the expected demand, or even for doing the stupid pre-order code in America thing at all?

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