Top 25 Flash Games of All Time

From arcade-style games, to puzzles, to adventure games, and everything in between, this (completely non-scientific) list has a little something for everyone.

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Fatbasket3449d ago

I didn't know about a LOT of these and now I'm going to have to check them out (my Boss will be THRILLED). Esp. because I'm a Mac user and good to know these run on almost anything.

cain1413449d ago

This article is going to cause me to waste even more time than before. Awesome!

James Abels3449d ago

I remember when flash was new and pre XBLA it was the casual gaming of its time!

barakiu3449d ago

Desktop Tower Defense?

either way I saved this in my favorites folder.

browser games are the future!

DreamcastFanboy3449d ago

Looks like i am going to have to check these out.

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