iPGN Review: Hexile, it's Hexilicious!

iPhone Games Network writes: "Yes, Hexile is another puzzle game for your iPhone or iPod Touch, however, it is NOT a match 3 puzzle game. "What?," you say, "Yes." a hexagonal iPhone puzzle game that is not match 3. I know, I didn't believe it myself at first, but it's a good thing I pressed forward as this game does have some goodness inside.

To play Hexile is pretty simple. You have stacked number tiles, sorotof like Majong. You remove the tiles by clicking on the number that was one value above or below your current number. So you start being able to hit any tile, you hit a 2, now you can only hit a 3 or a 1. See how that works? You can also hit special tiles which will allow you to destroy tiles out of order, multiply your score, or blow up everything."

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