VOD to overtake Blu-ray by 2017, reveals report

A new study suggests it may take a further eight years for Video on Demand services to become the dominant media provider.

Research firm SNL Kagan has predicted that physical media – ie, Blu-ray and DVD – will continue to be the leading providers of home entertainment.

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cliffbo3539d ago

well that does it! i might as well wait 7 years for VOD... lol

soljah3538d ago

sounds about right oh well almost another 10 years of blu ray (clutching my ps3) hope you can make it my pal.

Ghoul3538d ago

Seriously a nearly 10 year frame is absolutly impossible to predict. You wont know what will happen.

GiantEnemyLobster3538d ago

The world is ending in 2012 so who gives a hoot.

Jinxstar3538d ago

People love hard copies. You can't very easily take your PC to your friends house when they want to have a movie night...

Sheikh Yerbouti3538d ago

Unless I can play a movie anywhere, whenever regardless of platform, without loss of quality...VOD will only be a secondary option. VOD sake of convenience doesn't trump outright ownership.

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The story is too old to be commented.