Ve3tro: Killzone 2, 40 High Res Screenshots from Demo

Here you go, 40 high res (HD 720p) screens from the Killzone 2 demo.

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TheHater3603d ago

These screen shots really don't do this game justice. In motion it look a lot better.

she00win993603d ago

what are you talking about, it looks great...

Daz3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Thats what it looked like when you just look at him. i shoot him with 2 rounds nothing happened :P

Ghoul3603d ago

dude what are you talking about that looks amazing. The global illumination the soft edged depth of fields, kickass reflexion on his sight. Overall a incredible composition.

Helghast Slayer3603d ago

KZ2 demo=F#CKING EPIC!!!

The graphics are the best to date

Sound is star wars EPIC

Bullet impact is absolutely satisfying

It's much better in native 1080i. The display and textures are much cleaner and better. People should not miss out on this masterpiece. The amount of sh!t going on at once is jaw dropping really beautiful game and this is only the demo.

TheFreak3603d ago

wow I was blown away by the demo. I am truly impressed WOW!

zerox5053603d ago

man i just played it on my 480i tv and yet the graphics still look freaking awesome, i hope i can play this demo on my 1080i tv downstairs on friday but damn i got report cards coming up i better prepare for my beats

redsquad3603d ago

Very nice images, but seeing it in motion first hand is really something else. Even high quality video clips don't do the visuals justice - you need to experience it 'in the flesh', so to speak.

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