STP Review: Archibald's Adventures

Archibald's Adventures is shining example of how to adapt a game for the iDevice's touch interface. By simplifying the traditional platformer controls and incorporating a robust puzzle system, developer Rake in Grass has managed to create a game that challenges both your physical and mental dexterity. Oh, and it's a blast to play, too!

You play as Archibald, a neighborhood kid who skateboards himself into the hazard-filled mansion of a crazy professor named Klumpfus. You get to spend the next 114 levels getting yourself out. The game has clean, hand-drawn graphics and a chill, jazzy score that compliments its lighthearted atmosphere. Don't let its childish appearance fool you though... there are plenty of diabolical puzzles in store.

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PS360WII3306d ago

I got the lite version of this and it's a rather fun game