Killzone 2 Demo Is Live in US

Kombo Writes: "If you preordered Killzone 2 at GameStop, you'll be happy to know that you can start downloading the demo right now.

Just pop in your code and get downloading. The demo is a hefty 1207MB. However, I'm sure it'll be worth it."

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joeyda3333d ago

I'm really looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say about this game. Can't wait to give it a go myself. Hope it moves a crap ton of consoles too.

meepmoopmeep3333d ago

you would think the US servers would be faster.
they're not, apparently.

BrunoM3333d ago

Already have it played it and i must say i just got KILLLZONEDDD!!!!!! heres what i think ...

as far as the controls go i did these (didnt like them to much) love the game tho .. i went to options controlas alternate2 (same as COD4 and checked the Hold zoom option now its the same as COD and the game FUKING ROCKSSSSS

lol weird first time i play was my best finish in 10M 35Secs and die 1 time ... (it says in select stage ur best)

kinda fells diffrent but that is because up until the demo came out i have been playing COD4 and 5 .... (4 beats the sh1t out of 5)

but the game is amazing is one of a kind looks are jaw droping and well theres not much i can say bad about the game the AI even tho is in normal is REALLY good and the damn rocket blowing sh1t up is AMASING lol..

well im sold ... and as far as the controls go Alternate2 with holdZOOM are mine all the way love it cant wait for the 25 (manager at eb games my old Boss said they all going to take their copys home and check/pay them on the 27 lol so im geting mine on the 25 aswel lol)


TheTwelve3333d ago

Yes...this is officially the worst time ever to have my PS3 break. Enjoy it guys...I hope to have mine repaired by February 27th. :(


Endorphin3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Benn playing it for a while now, you're not only limited to the ISA and Helgast Assault rifle. You can get the Helgast Battle Rifle from the guy on top of the little hut in the warehouse, it took me a few tries but all you have to do is throw a few grenades to knock him and the gun off the little huts' roof. Its a really awesome gun to try out since this is a demo thought you might want to get the most out of it.
BTW it doesn't have a lot of bullets :D
OMG you can get some sweet headshots with it where the heads explode and makes a squishing noise nice

solidjun53333d ago

please spare me some code.
Will work for code.


morganfell3333d ago

Played the demo twice now, same difficulty as the top two tiers are locked. Two play throughs and two totally different experiences.

But that opening scene when your team mate realizes you are short of the LZ is just fantastic. No matter how many times you have watched the vid on the internet, when you run it yourself it just kicks ass and floors you.

There are also small things I like that show they took their time.

Look what happens when you go to ride the elevator up. You get a boost from your AI team mate and then you pull him up. If you jump off, he pulls you up. Why does that matter? The shortcut would have been for him to hop down and you just repeat the maneuver. Instead you walk back over and he reaches for you. That is an entirely new motion capture and animation with him griping about you needing to go on a diet.

The AI in there absolutely rolls. When we entered the warehouse and started the battle in the lower area I ran back up top. There was a Helghast on the intermediate walkway going to the second door that your AI team mate has to hack later. I tossed a frag at him and when he saw it bounce his head tracked the grenade. He then yelled, "Aw f**k!" And dove over behind cover.

One was firing at my AI team mate and when I came around behind him he yelled he was screwed. They aren't bullet sponges that stand there thumping their chest. They move to cover and do the smart thing. And when you go down and die watch their animations if you can see one as you go out.

Doppy3333d ago

Is the US demo the same as the European demo?

Elimin83332d ago

The demo is SUPER SHORT but damn, Damn it is sweet. Control takes a little getting use to but all that my change when the game comes out. Oh Guerrilla you Focking Tease......

prowiew3332d ago

I hated the demo!. The controls are very akward. But im gonna try it today like BrunoM said. Also, I was not that impressed by the graphics. Is it my tv? I dont know. Or maybe Ive seen so much videos that the impact on graphics was not great. But of course im just judging the demo that, by the way, is way to short.

No Way3332d ago

Uh.. I'm sorry, you want it to "move a crap ton of consoles" why, exactly?

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Playa79703333d ago

Man this sucks i wont be able to play because i am away from my ps3 =(
but the upside is i am in my hometown miami

Helghast Slayer3333d ago

Well here's something to worsen that pain of yours lol.

KZ2 demo=F#CKING EPIC!!!

The graphics are the best to date

Sound is star wars EPIC

Bullet impact is absolutely satisfying

It's much better in native 1080i. The display and textures are much cleaner and better. People should not miss out on this masterpiece. The amount of sh!t going on at once is jaw dropping really beautiful game and this is only the demo.

infamousinfolite3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

I feel your pain man. I have no PS3 as of right now but hopefully I get it before the 27th. But anyway I need some friends add me its ColdBeast07

TheHater3333d ago

I have a code, who wants it?

TheHater3333d ago

check you inbox. I just send it to you

Blackmoses3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )!!! 9 minutes too late. My gamestop claimed they ran out of vouchers!

shingo3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

I have an extra code too :P

EDIT: code is gone to Blackmoses.

Powertesties3333d ago

Send me a private message and it is yours.

The Demo is awesome. I am not blown away but I am not disappointed. The attention to detail is amazing and the graphics/sound....bada$$!

While not the revolution is graphics as I was expecting, still amazing and equal to that of Gears and others.

I can not wait for the full game. AHHHH

Again, who wants the code?

jahcure3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Can someone PM me a code plz? I greatly appreciate it!

EDIT: YAY i got one!! Thanks powertestis!!

SnuggleBandit3333d ago

I would love a code as well if someone would be so generous :)

sirbigam3333d ago

Make a European account guys, hope on it it's there waiting.

SiLeNt KNighT3333d ago

If anybody still has a code or can get one id be verrrrrry appreciative!!!

PSN: SiLeNt_KNighT

Hububla3333d ago

EB ran out here too...

ironmonkey3332d ago

u have a code i can use plz???

tuneraider3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

to somebody kind enough to send me a demo code. PSN ID: TuneRaider I'll repost in this thread if I get one. pleezopleezopleezo...

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Playa79703333d ago

man i miss my PS3 im in florida right now on vacation funny i never thought a game would want me to come back home to play it

bassturd3333d ago

you are on vacation now? I wish I could take random holidays :/

Max Power3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

downloading it on my euro account, 54%, still happy i have the game full paid off.