Iwata: Japan "Least Robust" Games Market in the World

Edge writes: "Nintendo company president Satoru Iwata has voiced his concerns regarding the health of the Japanese games market.

Following Nintendo's poor financial posting last week, in which the company cut its Wii sales forecasts, Iwata took part in a QA session with attending members of the press.

When asked to elaborate on Nintendo's business strategy for Japan, Iwata said: '[One] thing I would like to explain is the home console market. Perhaps, the Japanese market is the least robust market in the world today with regard to home console systems.'"

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Voiceofreason3450d ago

I agree with a lot of what he said. Console sales and software sales for those consoles are low across the board. Portables are doing great however. Maybe their next console will actually be more like a laptop. Nice size screen in a portable system that can be connected just about anywhere.

N4g_null3449d ago

Weird... So are people working more jobs? I'm not over there but how do you suddenly become more busy? Maybe people are spending more time out of their house? Seriously nintendo needs to make the system a hub for the portables. Many have already said that the Wii VC games should be downloadable to the ds. Another thing is nintendo's traditional games are not as addictive as they use to be. One is because they are so easy but that is an industry wide problem.

Product3449d ago

"One is because they are so easy but that is an industry wide problem."

Thats my biggest gripe this gen for any console.