Gamerlimit Hands on: Killzone 2 Demo

Gamerlimit brings you the inside, hands-on scoop for the Killzone 2 demo! Is it multi-player? How long is the demo? What is the sample level like? All the answers and more are inside; check it out!

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kaironn3449d ago

It's out?! I can't use my voucher yet.

Fishy Fingers3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Been on the EU store for a while (DL now, 60%), if you have an account get it from there, saves on waiting.

Regarding the article, I always find demo impressions slightly pointless, DL the demo and try it for yourself. But sounds like he really enjoyed it.

whoelse3449d ago

Downloading now.... taking f***ing forever though.

locos853449d ago

The thing that is important for me that most of the time gets overlooked is the sound. I love Socom: Confrontation's sound effect. And it seems to me like this game has awesome sounds as well. Music, explosions, gun fire, and the way it sound when you shoot someone :)

Spydiggity3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

lol, i agree that the game is good. but the guy that wrote this review sounds like he is about ready to take his pants off and start lickin his ps3.

from the way this guy talks you'd think the demo is the second coming of christ.

edit: anyone know if it's true they'll be releasing a patch to make this game co-op? i'm not sure why they would even consider releasing this game without co op mode.



i thought the sound effects were good, but i didn't like the music.

it reminds me of a cross between star wars and Indiana Jones... but it just didn't fit the whole look of killzone for me. its hard to explain.

I loved the graphics, though i was not quite as blown away by them as i thought i would. i loved the animation, prob the most impressive thing for me in the game.

the music score was the only thing i didn't really like at all. i would still give the game a 10/10 overall but its not with out fault.

andyo133449d ago

and other countries not part of the european store, this is what you get for cheating the system and not playing by the rules, you ruin the fun for everyone.

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cherrycreamsauce3449d ago

I agree that they're quasi-pointless. But, it adds to the fun, and the tension of a new game. For instance, I'm at work, and now I'm even more excited!

Fishy Fingers3449d ago

Yeah I know, I'm not against them or anything, simply easier to try it yourself. But your right, they do help with the excitment.

locos853449d ago

Hell yeah i'm at work to and now I want to go home and play the crap out of that demo.

BkaY3449d ago

after that oooohhhhh killzone u gonna get alll the lov from daddy..


Daz3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I ve downloaded and i give my opinion dont hate me.

The demo is short but awesome looking game, i love the bodys physics :P.

But its not the best game i played. Theres better out there that i think are better. It is one of the best looking games, but thats my opinion.

Its still a buy.

chrisjc3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

It's sad that you had to put in 2 disclaimers for fanboys. I hope no one rips on you because you had an opinion. I'm glad you shared it!

n4gzz3449d ago

well, I think it will get very intense as you move in different level.

Demo is the first level. So, it got to be easy.

Beg For Mercy3449d ago

i can agree with you daz i love the game to death and its still not the best game i ever played that game for me is god of war.

Daz3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

chrijc. very true :0

n4gzz I know what your saying but im on about the demo not the full game. But its still a must buy for any ps3 owner.]

Epic3449d ago

Graphics were really good, but it was a bit too short, I didn't get to the sixaxis bit I've seen because it ended before then (or is that just me)... In fact I don't remember there being rumble in the demo - maybe it's just me.

But yeh by ending the demo after the bridge was lowered, would have showcased that sixaxis use, would have made it a better demo.

But yeh I'm sure it will sell well regardless, but I think I will pass on K2.. I am not into shooters anyway.

spandexxking3449d ago

demo is waaay too short but i love the game!

Daz3449d ago

eagle read the post again plz. you cant you do that?

BkaY3449d ago

mate demo suppose to be short.... i dont know why ppl complaining about the demos length..... first they were dying to play it ... and now they complain about the length.... (may be they are excited)

its human being nature.... cant be happy in any situation.... always complain..

peace a happy gaming....

ps : by the way today is my birthday..... its one of the best birthday present for me ...... lolzzzz

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Dimly3449d ago

Looking forward to trying this out!

Helghast Slayer3449d ago

KZ2 demo=F#CKING EPIC!!!

The graphics are the best to date

Sound is star wars EPIC

Bullet impact is absolutely satisfying

It's much better in native 1080i. The display and textures are much cleaner and better. People should not miss out on this masterpiece. The amount of sh!t going on at once is jaw dropping really beautiful game and this is only the demo.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

F**KING AMAZING it is!!! ;-P
The beginning was Amazing!!!
(Loved the Rumble on the DS3 Pad on that bit)
+It looked like the 1st Video of KillZone 2!!! ;-P
+Rumble with the Guns was Amazing
+The Explosions were Amazing!!! ;-P
+The guy on Fire, looked REAL the Fire
+Loved the Feel of the Guns
+Blowing up the Bridge was Amazing!!! ;-D
+That water looked REAL!!! ;-D
+Their Orange Eyes was well cool
+The way they Died was amazing
+The Blood on the screen looked REAL
+The Music was cool
SOOOOOOO MUCH happened i can't remember all of it!!! ;-D
+It felt different to other FPS??? More real, it felt.

Yeah, xBots...Hmm...'COD:Modern Warfare 2' will look as good as this on the xBox 360 then???
;-D ;-D ;-D MY @SS!!! ;-D

Endorphin3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I know, all those truly are quite impressive. I'm completely in love with that magnum, I played it through about 5x already, trying out different things.
If you want to find something weird that doesn't make sense, try sprinting with the magnum and look at the shadow on the floor in the sun light, they both look great but they don't make sense LOL

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3449d ago

+The shadows looked AMAZING to!!! ;-P ;)
+The look of the Guns
+When you look at someone using Zoom, their Faces look cool
+The sunlight was real/yummy ;-D
And that's only me playing it twice!!! ;-D
I'll play it more later;)

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