Will RE5's "Tank" Controls Keep The Game From Elite Status?

PSXextreme: Okay, so as you all know by now, you won't be able to move and shoot at the same time in Resident Evil 5. You couldn't do it in RE4, either, but many had assumed that Capcom would institute the more action-oriented and dynamic control scheme into this next-gen sequel. Well, it isn't there, and the reaction around the 'Net is one of general annoyance.

We have the game to review - no, we won't be issuing any analysis until the embargo is up; we follow the rules - and I sat down with the demo last night. When Arnold told me the "tank" controls remained and there was no option for running 'n gunning, I initially took the news in stride. See, I really loved RE4 (as most everyone else did), and I didn't mind the control limitations and restrictions in the least. Of course, this was probably due to the fact that RE4 was for more action-oriented and fluid than any other RE installment to that point. Furthermore, when I started playing RE5, I noticed Capcom had increased the speed of the zombie attackers. At first, they tend to shuffle about like always, but when they spot you, they will often rush you, and there are many of them. It didn't take me long to realize: if they were going to do this, they should not have kept the same control scheme. We really do need to move and shoot. If you want our aim to be compromised, fine, but standing stationary is rarely a good idea in that game.

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Kamikaze1353300d ago

The name itself will guarantee big sales. People will get used to the controls. I remember when RE4 was announced, people complained about the controls, but now RE4 is the favorite in the series amongst most people.

donator3300d ago

Some of the more fair and balanced reviewers will recognize that RE5 was not meant to reinvent the genre like KillZone2 was not meant to reinvent the genre.

I just hope the other reviewers who docked KZ2 points because it is a "standard" FPS will do the same to RE5.

chaosatom3300d ago

I'll get RE5 because it reminds of RE4, and I just love RE4.

I'll get Killzone 2, because it's the FPS graphical beast this year.

Arsenic133300d ago

If enough pf you ppl keep b*tching, Capcom will eventually make a patch.

farhsa20083300d ago

no they won't this is RE, it will never change and you suckers need to stop bi*ching this is not an adventure game, its survival horror (as capcom say) so it doesnt matter how much you complain it will never change, this game is for people that liked RE4 and that game is the best selling game in the franchise.

Asurastrike3300d ago

Siren is a survival horror game. Resident Evil 5 is not.

zeph943300d ago

Resident Evil is no longer a horror game so I don't think the tank controls should be there. It would be kick ass if you could walk around and shoot. ATTENTION all horror games that want to party be a shooter....learn from Dead Space.

xg-ei8ht3300d ago

Dead space controls weren't all that clever tbh. Good game though anyway.

Seems the horror games seem to slow to move.

I'll still get REZ5 regardless, i like the games.

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