I Played Xbox 360 on a 269-Inch TV and You Didn't

Last week, I got to play Xbox 360 on the world's largest, highest resolution screen. At 11 feet tall and 120 feet long, it was ridiculous. It made Panasonic's 150-inch plasma look like a toy.

I was lucky enough to be invited on as a guest on CollegeHumor's video game show, Bleep Bloop. Apparently, after extensive work, uh, "testing" Panasonic's 103-inch and 150-inch plasma screens, I'm somewhat of an expert on playing video games on ludicrously large monitors. Badass.

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Capt CHAOS3572d ago

A recall of trying to piss into the wind?

StayHigh3571d ago

imagine killzone 2 on it!!

MiloGarret3571d ago

Or spanking the monkey..?

Rute3571d ago

If I understood the article correctly, it truly is 120 feet long and that's why they only used a small portion of the screen. From the article: "Unfortunately, due to it being 120 feet long, it has a ridiculous aspect ratio that's not designed for regular things like TV or video games, instead acting as a strange art space most of the time. Because of this, we could only use one chunk of the screen."

Ateanboy3571d ago

269 inches of non-HD... what a waste. hook up a PS3 to that bad boy with a HDMI.

On another note, could yall imagine an 269-inch RROD screen?

poopface13571d ago

This guy is such a noob. Why didnt he hook up a ps3 to the screen to experience true 4-d.

Arnon3571d ago

You do realize that the 360 outputs 1080p. Anyone who says otherwise by bringing up HDMI is a fool. HDMI is not needed to output 1080p. It's just another form of HD. I can output 1080p with component cables on my PS3 and 360.

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jamesrocks31473572d ago

a PS3 on your "269-Inch TV" better HD and graphics .... killzone would be awesome. ;)

man0fsteel3572d ago

i'd just love the chance to play ANY next gen system on a 269" TV

Rock Bottom3571d ago

I'd love the chance to play Super Mario Bros on a TV that big, not to mention a good looking game.

IcarusOne3571d ago

Look at the specs: considering the fact that 360 has a bigger library of 1080p games, has better anti-aliasing and sharper definition, and considering the fact that above 42" anything less than 1080p starts to break down in resolution and quality, and given the fact that even today the majority of PS3's top-drawer library (ahem, Killzone 2) is only rendered out at native 720p, I'd say if anyone has access to a screen this big, they're better off playing on a 360.

Now, if you want to talk about watching movies, the PS3 will win that argument hands down. Mainly because it's a glorified blu-ray player and not a game platform.

mgsfan3571d ago

the xbox has no 1080p game and even if it did it does not have a hdmi thingy so it would not look as good. the ps3 has what? 6 games that run at 1080p and a hdmi thingy soooooooo ....... fail!!!!!!!

IcarusOne3571d ago

"HDMI thingy?" Well at least you know what you're talking about. But wait, apparently you don't. Because if you did, you'd know that the Xbox Elite has an HDMI thingy, and there are several 360 games that run native 1080p. Google them if you want. I won't list them because I've already wasted enough of my time responding to your banal post.

Keep the dream alive.

mgsfan3571d ago

but i have looked at the list and iam mistaken ...sorry. but the bulk of them are xbl games and there are far more on the ps3

iHEARTboobs3571d ago

lol @ "Now, if you want to talk about watching movies, the PS3 will win that argument hands down. Mainly because it's a glorified blu-ray player and not a game platform."

That's so 1997.

Fowack3570d ago

This is a list of Xbox 360 titles that support native 1080p

[native 1080p] Wolf of the Battlefield Commando 3 [Xbox Live Arcade]
[native 1080p] Feeding Frenzy 2 [Xbox Live Arcade]
[native 1080p] Portal [Xbox Live Arcade]
[native 1080p] Boogie Bunnies [Xbox Live Arcade]
[native 1080p] Street Home Court
[native 1080p] Virtual Tennis 3

As you can see 4 of these are arcade titles, while only two are retail dics games.

This is a list of the ps3 titles that support 1080p native.

All Pro Football 2K7
[ps] Blast Factor
[ps] Calling All Cars
College Hoops 2K7
The Darkness
Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer
[ps] flOw
Full Auto 2 Battlines
Harry Potter
[ps] High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
[ps] LocoRoco Cocoreccho!
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
[ps] Mesmerize™: Distort (Playstation Eye)
MLB The Show
NBA ‘07
Ninja Gaiden
Pirates of the Carribean
[ps] PixelJunk™ Monsters
PixelJunk™ Racers
Street Home Court
[ps] Super Stardust HD
Transformers The Movie
[ps] Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Virtua Tennis 3

As you can see the ps3 has more native 1080p game

And as for your shot at killzones native res only being 720p.
halos native res is 640p. heres proof

Fowack3570d ago

can someone plz explain themselves.

I stated faxual info attempting to balance out all the fud that was being spread by icarus. Unless icarus was the one who diagreed with me can someone explain themselves.

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mabreu3572d ago

Biggest screen I played on was around 210 or 215 inch using my friends BenQ projection display. Wipeout HD was awesome on that size but we had to play it on his grainy wall. Hurts your eyes if you playing for too long.

ReTarDedFisHy3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

me too man, except my wall as as smooth as (insert whatever the hell you think is the smoothest thing on earth). The only thing I ever played on the projector was MGS4... God... it blew my mind, that intro sequence... and with the surround sound it was the first time my palms got sweaty while playing a game (I don't sweat much, in fact I hate it when my friends come over to play they get my controllers sweaty :(... :D)

PS360PCROCKS3571d ago

smooth as a baby's butt...have you not learned this already, every lotion commercial confirms you need to feel like a baby's butt.

djtek1843571d ago

I Played Xbox 360 on a 269-Inch TV and saw "System error (E69)" magnified 1,000 time.

nurdeens3571d ago

yea but i get to play killzone2 on my 52 inch do you ?

talltony3571d ago

Yes i do. I have a 52 inch xbr5 bravia. Do you?

xwabbit3571d ago

i have a 55 inch LCD Sony but its not bravia :(

PS360PCROCKS3571d ago

Not on your 52" but I get to play on my 60" Pioneer Kuro, do you? Also I'm 1000% certain my TV spanks your TV's ass.

creeping judas3571d ago

But my dad could beat all your dads up!!!!

xwabbit3571d ago

From what i have seen..... its really tough to beat a bravia tv PS360WiiRocks

caffman3571d ago

and I can play gears on it too

humble_gamer3570d ago

everyday on my 52 inch bravia xbr 4.

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