Canada Deal: Get Killzone 2 For $44

Are you interested in getting Killzone 2 for $44? With free headwear?

You can. It's easy. Just click here to head over to and add the game to your cart.

The price is $53.99. Sign up with a new email address (if you use Gmail, you can simply add a tag to your address, and it will still work. To do this, just take [email protected] and instead, use [email protected]), and use the coupon code MAPNEWNCSAVE during checkout. This will knock the price down to $43.99, just above the free shipping threshold!

Also, if you pre-order, you'll receive a Killzone 2 beanie cap for free (a $19.99 value)! Just be sure to add it to your cart as well, before checkout (the price is reduced to nothing once you checkout).

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meepmoopmeep3452d ago

yeah, i got this, don't really care for the free beanie but it's free so why snots

B4st10n3452d ago

Placed just placed my pre-order : Total of 49.65$ ( with free shipping ).

Thanks a lot !

homer4793452d ago

I am passing the word along

_Q_3452d ago

Why the hell is everyone else getting all these sweet ass deals?
And the US has to buy the GD pre order to get a damn demo in a reasonable time?

zerox5053452d ago

yeah babe!! WOOT!! THANK GOD I'M CANADIAN, this game is

oh yeah by the way going of topic here did anybody hear about some next tamil strike of the genocide happening in sri lanka

foo3452d ago

do u have to make a new email, address for this to work?

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