Killzone 2 reviews: fanboy food with side order of nastiness

Killzone 2 reviews: fanboy food with side order of nastiness
The Killzone 2 reviews are being released across the Internet, even before gaming writers have had a chance to thoroughly test online play. The response has been quick and vicious: everyone has been paid off, everyone is biased one way or another, and a tenth of a point translates into fighting words. The dangers of reviewing console exclusives are numerous.

Killzone 2 has been something of a lightning rod for the PS3. The game has been done for a while now, with reviews hitting the Internet left and right-and yes, our review is coming as well-and this can only mean one thing: the comments are out in force. The fanboys are hitting theirs caps lock button, drawing the battle lines, and getting ready to scream about each and every review they read.

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Wizeguy213447d ago

Everyone just sit back and enjoy the ride..! If a game is good, its good! It doesn't matter of its on the xbox or ps3! Except if its on the wii because a good game on the wii is an oxymoron. J/k! haha!

AngryHippo3447d ago

....and plus bubbles for you my friend. Nice to see there are still people out there with some sense.

CaseyRyback_CPO3447d ago

Will people just accept that KZ2 delivered on everything Sony said? OR will they continue to be hurt because Sony lied about that bubble bath Duck game from 2005?

Kleptic3447d ago

^^super rub-a-dub??...I LOVE that game...

el_bandito3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

yeah...I really miss the days when my friends and I would really get excited if there's a good game comin' up on our console whether it be a genesis or an snes. Now seemingly everyone dwell on the success of consoles, not gaming in its entirety. Bubbles to the cactuar guy.

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TheHater3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I am playing the demo for like the past 30 minutes and I must say. WOW... The controls too a little getting use took, but after than I cannot put this demo down. I alreayd played through it twice, and half of the time I am lost in the visual. I am shooting objects to see how the react and the different type of sounds that comes out of them. As or right now, I must say that Killzone 2 excited the hype.

Helghast Slayer3447d ago

KZ2 demo=F#CKING EPIC!!!

The graphics are the best to date

Sound is star wars EPIC

Bullet impact is absolutely satisfying

It's much better in native 1080i. The display and textures are much cleaner and better. People should not miss out on this masterpiece. The amount of sh!t going on at once is jaw dropping really beautiful game and this is only the demo.

BGDad3447d ago

Only difference is Halo sucked, gears of glitches sucked, left for dead most over rated game, Ninja gaiden 2 lol sucked badly, all there games suck and run horribly....

Ill play on my horrible Ps3 with no games... :) Ill smile about it too because I DONT CARE WHAT THE F YOU THINK! HA HA HA... At least the Ps3 has improved the 360 has de-improved if thats even a word!

Helghast Slayer3447d ago

I agree man. They say we have no games but last time i checked the ps3 had the highest rated exclusives in console gaming lol.

TheMART3447d ago

@ Slayer

Dude you copy over your comment in every Killzone article. It is just spam. Go type something original every time or just don't put the same comment over and over again.

Pretty boring.

BGDad3447d ago

That fat boy eats anything...

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