Enough about Gabe Newell already!

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

There has been an idiotic level of press recently regarding some of the statements that Gabe Newell had made over a year ago regarding the PS3. Yes, in a Game Informer article he called the PS3 a "waste of time," and suggested that "they should just cancel it and do a 'do over,'" as well as speaking about "stop selling this and stop trying to convince people to develop for it."

He is saying in a less politically correct and tactful fashion what other developers were thinking a mumbling. Remember, that when it first came out there were other complaints of the PS3's difficult architecture. Since then, it seems that the game developers have started to figure it out and even praise it.

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pwnsause3600d ago

NO. The roasting will continue until he either:

1.patches the orange Box PS3 version

2. Brings Left 4 Dead to the PS3


3. Apologizes about his remarks on the PS3.

until then, let the roasting of this fat A** continue.

Chris3993600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

If you are a person exposed to the media, and you make silly/ charged comments, you had better be prepared to:

A.) Apologize.
B.) Face the wrath of the INTRAWEBZ.

And in all fairness, someone obviously this out of control of his own behavior really shouldn't be offering his opinion to anyone. It's like an alcoholic giving you advice on how to be successful in life.

Stick to making games, Gabe. Not statements to the press; that's what his handlers (if he has any) are for.

I really have to go play the KZ2 demo now. To be honest, L4D or anything else Valve has recently made isn't even on my radar.

no-spin3600d ago

for being unprofessional and irrational

doG_beLIEfs3600d ago

He is a game developer. He acted like a fanboy spouting that crap. Now if he can dish it out, he should be able to take it back. He said the same thing basically about the PS2, he must have it out for Sony for some reason.

If and when he apologizes to Sony about what he said, then we will let it go.

Imagine, if a Sony only developer said the same thing about the 360, would we hear the same thing about letting it go?


With each passing day...those comments look dumb and dumber, Forrest Forrest Gump.

chaosatom3600d ago

He is probably trying to Imagine Playing Killzone 2 in his Hand.


CaseyRyback_CPO3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

and decides that those developers are wasting their time because the PS3 is useless, is nothing else other than a complete idiot.

Although, he said it back in the day when it was the popular thing to bash the PS3's hardware due to terrible ports, so he literally fit right in with the rest of the grade. BUT considering how OLD the source engine is, its not much of an insult coming from Valve. Yea, HL2 was great when it was new, and on the PC. It benchmarked many many machines. 5 Years later, its not quite the technical marvel that it once was.

If someone like Kojima or hell, even CliffyB said the PS3 wasn't worth it, perhaps you'd listen. But this guy? Has he SEEN L4D/POrtal? Good games, but I'd argue COD4 runs circles around them.Infinity Ward managed to do it, and many others have made superior products on the PS3.

Look at him, then Look at Killzone2, and just laugh. At this point i think even MLB The Show runs circles around the source engine.

Max Power3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

it is very apparent that Gabe doesn't like to do something hard, just look at him and you can see that he doesn't like to do anything that is considered complicated. I know its a weak joke against his weight, but you can obviously notice that if its hard or 'complex' he won't do it or he won't like it.

sirbigam3599d ago

That fat slob can choke on a corncob for all I care, can never forget how thoes mofo's screwed us over with the ps3 half-life 2 port. They burned us hard, & this imbecile had the nerve to make the statement he made after he already screwed us over.

pswi603599d ago

fyi, the author of this article wrote a 'ps3 is teh doomed' article a couple of months back, just so everyone knows.

if you read the article, it is dripping with ps3 hate.

3599d ago
morganfell3599d ago

If he is going to stick it out there then he needs to be prepared to get it whacked off.

If you want to be the media figure and throw stones then you need to be man enough when someone shoulders a boulder, rubs pitch on it, sets it on fire, with spikes sticking out of it, rolls it into a trebuchet and lobs it over the castle walls to crush your fat ass.

pumpkinpunker3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Sony went from first to worst in one console generation wih the PS3!

They sure showed Gabe what is up! Maybe for an encore Sony can manage to sell even less PS4s and rub it in Gabe's face even more.

Reality check, guys. With all of Sony's brand recognition and how much market share they had in the gaming industry only a couple years ago, the PS3 is a failure. But I don't know, maybe it was Sony's plan to be in last place.

Gabe was right.

XxZxX3599d ago

if the media couldn't get him for his idiocy, his cholesterol will.

MasFlowKiller3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Is not his fault, please stop making fun of Gabe Newell

Rock Bottom3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Didn't he said he wold like to make a game/port for the PS3, about four months ago?

Give the guy a freaken break, he makes awesome games. here's an article where he said future PS3 ports should be developed in house by Valve and not be given to other developers like what happened with the Orange Box.

zanthox3599d ago

GJ rock bottom, you just proved how stupid everyone here is for screaming bloody murder about a year old news they weren't smart enough to realize wasn't current. Had he said this now I'd be obliged to agree with them somewhat, but since it was a year ago and WAS FAIRLY TRUE THEN, and has since said (in that above link) that he DOES want to make ps3 versions these people really are making right fools of themselves. burn them bridges guys, burn em good.

BattleAxe3599d ago

Give us a good Left for Dead Port and we'll call it even :)

And if Valve decides to patch The Orange Box, then I think that I would actually buy it.

morganfell3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

One guy's blog automatically rules over every other public thing that has repeatedly spewed out of Newell's fat mouth?

Where does he say he wants to make PS3 games. Get some new glasses.

Grammar 101 Need to does not equal wants to. And it never happened anyway.

Was TF2 developed by Valve for the PS3? Was it?

When asked whether EA would support the transplanting of content to the PS3 version, Newell responded: "They're not doing ongoing development on The Orange Box for the PS3." Lombardi went on to state: "We don't have PlayStation developers."

Notice the dates?

Have a nice day. NEXT!

Leathersoup3599d ago

The behavior of all of these people trashing Gabe exemplifies how immature they are. Nothing more.

Real Gambler3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

But they may come from 12 years old... As far as I know, Gabe is NOT 12 years old, and I don't consider his comments mature. Valve was an awesome company, thanks to him, but now it's time HE get out and somebody else take the steering wheel!!! He is truly a bad image for Valve (not talking about how fat he is...). This company is at a turning point right now. But currently, they have a huge fishing problem, stealing account problem, and image problem. And he is not doing anything to help fix that. Sorry, but in my book, Gabe has to go, his greatest years are behind him. Best thing that could happen to Valve is if some big outfit would buy them and get rid of him.

Leathersoup3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The reason that this is occurring is not because of Gabe Newell. Gabe is simply the easiest target for everyone to throw their blame at because he's pretty much the only person at Valve that anyone knows of. The reason this is occurring is that most of the N4G PS3 fanbase were counting on getting a port of Left 4 Dead because of some rumor and, instead of waiting for any sort of verification that it would be released, they felt it was an opportunity to shove it in the face of the 360 users. Now that some doubt has been cast on the rumor, these people feel slighted by Valve, who had made no announcement whatsoever as to any sort of plan to make a port. They should not feel slighted by Valve they should be angry at themselves for being so not waiting for rumors to be confirmed before accepting them as fact.

XxZxX3599d ago

Leathersoup, you got it wrong. @ssh0le with a running mouth is always the easy target.

Leathersoup3599d ago

Right and now everyone here is running their mouths. Should that make you all targets as well?

cayal3599d ago

"Sony went from first to worst in one console generation wih the PS3!

They sure showed Gabe what is up! Maybe for an encore Sony can manage to sell even less PS4s and rub it in Gabe's face even more.

Reality check, guys. With all of Sony's brand recognition and how much market share they had in the gaming industry only a couple years ago, the PS3 is a failure. But I don't know, maybe it was Sony's plan to be in last place.

Gabe was right."

Reality Check.

PS3 - 10 million a year sold
360 - 9.3 million a year sold

I bet your little fanboy world just shattered.

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TheColbertinator3600d ago

It was an Edge interview not Game Informer

Shaka2K63599d ago

Call Jenny Craig.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

GiantEnemyLobster3599d ago

Good luck trying to convince the PStards to shut up about him.

caffman3599d ago

not my thing but power to you if he's your thing!

Godmars2903600d ago

The flaming will continue.

Why dis3599d ago

You mean as soon as he jumps on Sony's bandwagon and stops having a preference he wont be attacked.

Godmars2903599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Or he starts making Wii games.

Really, with all the stuff on Steam you think they could port a pop-cap style title to the DS even.

Max Power3599d ago

or he realizes that he was wrong and can imagine the amount of extra cash that can be obtained via the ps3 and the games he makes.

Why dis3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

LOL you can back after 8 hours to see if your trolling set the tone in here.

Gabe doesn't really make PS3 games this is the reason you care even though there is no reason for you to be informed about Gabe.

Do you see 360 fans hunting down PS3 devs tha thas praised PS3 while taking jabs at the 360? NOPE...



pswi603599d ago

it's only a matter of time. after the 360 hits the bargan bin in 12-24 months, valve will have no choice but to start developing games for the powerhouse that is the ps3.

although they may be last gen graphics because their source engine is outdated, they won't be able to hit their sales goals by selling to a declining 360 base and not to increasing numbers of ps3 owners.

Godmars2903599d ago


But I see them begging for MGS4. Lording any mention of Kojoma that connected to the 360 as a complete abandoning of the PS3 "for the better system."

And you will note, neither Kojima nor Konami have said anything bad about any console. hat Kojima alone has more game titles to his name than Valve.

Lastly, if you're accusing me of stalking, you're going on my ignore list. All you ever say is the exact same thing, so there's no point in listening to anything new have to say, Since it isn't.

morganfell3599d ago

The PS3 easily beats the 360 in the graphics department with several SPUs tied behind it's back. What is Gabe saying about Valve when they can't make a game for the console with the highest visual fidelity.

I swear, it's ridiculous. He sounds just like the fox and the sour grapes. Rather than risk Valve's image, he chickened out and started throwing rocks. It amounts to nothing less than developmental cowardice.

pumpkinpunker3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

So what? Even if it was true that the PS3 has better graphical ability, and this is highly debatable, than the X360 it doesn't mean squat. The original Xbox had better graphical abilities and better specs than the PS2 and I don't see all these Sony fanboys who are all of a sudden so concerned with graphics singing the praises of the Xbox as the best console of its generation.

Won't happen because every Sony fanboy was in love with his PS2 even though it was technically speaking the least powerful console of its generation as far as graphical output, memory, and numerous other benchmarks compared to the Gamecube and the Xbox. Now, Sony says graphics and specs are suddenly ultra important and the line of lemmings forms behind Kaz Harai and his march to last place.

You guys need to get a grip and stop being hypocrites. A third grader could punch holes in the arguments of 99% of the Sony fanboy posts on N4G.

cayal3599d ago

No one cares if Valve doesn't make PS3 games. No one got on Bioware's jock for making 360 only games (thus far).

It is his unprofessional manner in blasting the PS3 as well as being a fat lazy turd that people make fun of him/can't stand him.

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ultimolu3600d ago

He should apologize. His remarks were uncalled for and above all...stupid.

morganfell3599d ago

Yeah but he doesn't compare to the jackassery from that 15 year old writer from Ripten. Did you see that link in the article? We went over to that site last year over another issue and just shredded their asses. Their head editor - a class A moron - actual tried to defend the idiocy at that place, pathetic.

solidjun53599d ago

I would love to read that.

Ripten will defend anything. i mean take a look at the crap Dan Landis be writing. If they can defend that bush league writing then I'm not surprised.

morganfell3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The article in that post was written by a punk named Dan Landis. I went over there last year and single handedly eviscerated that weenie and force fed him his own entrails. His editor came on and tried to defend him and walked right into the old Missouri two step. Talk about being poleaxed.

I do not mean it was a mass of people attacking in waves but rather the laser like precision of the comments remarks by visitors that completely disemboweled Landis and revealed him to be the snot nosed idiot that he is. That site deserves to be trashed because you can see it is nothing more than some malcontent high schoolers with access to the internet.

Every time the editor (calling that individual by that title is a joke) puts a lid on Landis, someone let's him open his fat mouth and he makes a pathetic ass of himself all over again. I haven't had as much fun as I did slapping him around since I discovered all of those pictures of the clubbers (won't use the vernacular for them) with 50 pounds of hair gel we were laughing at over at Sherdogs MMA site.

Seriously, that thread at Sherdogs has been running for some time and I cry every time someone adds to that because it is so hilarious.

3599d ago
morganfell3599d ago

jon, I sent you a pm with the link. The poster there named sodapopinski will have you in tears and you will be laughing like hell. You will probably never want to go near New Jersey...ever. Those motivational posters were some of the funniest crap ever made funnier because those idiots are actual people.

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