Metal Gear Solid 4 Helps Drive Strong Konami Growth

Metal Gear Solid 4 helped push Konami to strong gains over the last nine months. Despite a strong yen and a soft global economy, the Japanese company saw net revenues of ¥234,011 million ($2.6 billion) -- five percent up on the previous year.

Konami's overall profits were ¥17,826 million ($198.8 million), up nearly 17.3 percent year over year. Specifically, the company's video game business saw greater net revenues than any other Konami division, up 10.6 percent to ¥148.7 billion ($1.6 billion) -- well more than half the company's total.

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Obama3482d ago

Make a special edition for the ps3 and get more profit Konami. One of the best games for the best system.

Wizeguy213482d ago

Do the whole Metal Gear solid Remake.. and add trophy support and all sorts of crazy stuff!!! Please.. i need a reason to play again!!!

heyheyhey3482d ago

"bu...bu....bu... PS3 iz not wer teh money iz LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!"

good job MGS4, what an amazing game... my GOTY last year

TheColbertinator3482d ago

I like MGO but they really need to bring it to PSN.Konami IDs suck ass

Nineball21123482d ago

the online part of MGS4 because of all the hoops associated with signing up... getting a new id... blah, blah, blah.

Too much hassle.

arvfab3482d ago

Konami, you have made the best game last year. You made millions of MGS fans and Playstation fans happy. You made ME happy! I even liked MGO ('till you released the expansions pack, which I cannot buy!).

But...where the [email protected] are the trophies? I've been waiting for an announcment for a while to replay the story a second time. Not because it's not worth it, but it would suck to try to go for the Big Boss emblem, and redo everything IF trophies are released.

To sum it up: dear Konami, please give us trophies, and if not, just say it, we won't hate you!

PirateThom3482d ago

Trophies are coming... but probably in the MGS4 rerelease.

Pennywise3482d ago

I remember Kojima was wanting Sony to release the trophy patch before MGS release.... would make you think he had something already in place. It is upsetting that the game has not been updated yet. I am ready for another play through.

Raoh3482d ago

there was rumor also about an update coming 6 months from the release of mgs4.

Wizeguy213482d ago

yeah but that never happened.. It would of been awesome if kojima did plan something 6 months ahead of mgs4.. but.. hey.. maybe next time..

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